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  1. Everything on defense- Atlanta Falcons

    Everything on defense- Atlanta Falcons
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    Childish Gambino- STN MTN Mixtape

    Thoughts? Coming out with the second part on an EP.
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    I feel Desmond Trufant is almost there....

    I feel Desmond Trufant is almost there. Especially playing for one of the worst defenses in the league. A defense that applies little to absolutely no pressure, letting receivers years to get open....
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    Rate my team thread

    Didn't see one on here. Just rating drafts and giving people suggestions.

    12 team, Auction Draft. .5PPR

    QB: Nick Foles
    RB: Monte Ball
    RB: Doug Martin
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Pierre Garçon
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    Hip-Hop Concerts?

    I've seen Gambino 3 times, was at Lolla on Sunday. Puts on a great show. Actually a lot better singer live than you'd expect.
  6. Official Off-Topic Thread From Hell: Volume XXI

    Anyone see swaggy p in iggy's nude lmao :laugh:
  7. The Official 2014 NFL Draft Thread (Twitter spoilers not allowed)

    Do they show phone calls anymore? I forgot. I thought they stopped showing them. It really ruins the excitement.
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    Falcons eyeing Clowney, #1 Pick

    Actually I'm not opposed to maybe moving up to two, depending on the cost for Mack.
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    Falcons eyeing Clowney, #1 Pick

    Lol Texans can get bent then. If they really want to move back, there is no way they get 3 1sts. Also if this is true, then it's guaranteed Houston takes Clowney at 1. I'm down for the 6 with a first...
  10. Name 3 players you would like to keep next season

    1. Wiggins
    2. Parker
    3. Exum
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    Lollapalooza headliners

    Expect 2 of Pearl Jam/Outkast/JT to be added as well.
  12. Poll: MNF: Atlanta Falcons Vs. San Francisco 49ers

    Harry Douglas needs to bat that ball down. Good loss for us though.
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    Sticky: NFL Draft/Trades/Free Agency

    Was at the game, hard to root against then being there, but damn I want Clowney.
  14. The race is on... for the bottom of the league

    As long as Atlanta can get top 3 for Clowney or to trade down to someone desperate, I'll be happy. Just one more loss to Washington and then we got 2 auto losses against SF and Carolina. Wouldn't...
  15. Because The Internet- Childish Gambino

    After a few listens, I can already tell I like this a lot better than camp. Totally different Gambino and I love it. Beats are sick, singing is great and still has some great verses. Telephone Ave.,...
  16. Because The Internet- Childish Gambino

    That song with Azelia Banks. Oh my
  17. Apparently we're playing the Saints in a few minutes #GameThread

    For fantasy purposes.
  18. Poll: TNF: New Orleans Saints Vs. Atlanta Falcons

    TANK. Make it competitive but lose. No point in stupid wins at this point. Look for a top 3 pick and sell it for a kings ransom. Atlanta can still be a great team next year with multiple early round...
  19. Poll: Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Sunday 1 PM EST

    Glad we lost. Rooting against Atlanta every week. Here we come Clowney. Maybe we can trade our #2 or #3 pick for a kings ransom with that team looking at QB
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    Sticky: NFL Draft/Trades/Free Agency

    With the 5th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select...
  21. Because The Internet- Childish Gambino

    This dude is honestly one of the most talented people in America. The fact that he was a writer for a big tv series, an actor on semi big show, a comedian who had his own segment on Comedy Central...
  22. Poll: Game #6: Los Angeles Lakers (2-3) @ Houston Rockets (4-1)

    Dwight has now finally, single handily won his first game for the Lakers lmao.
  23. Week 7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons | Sunday, 1:00pm EST

    Yay. False hope.
  24. Poll: 2013 ALCS: Red Sox vs Tigers - Games 6-7, BOS Leads 3-2

    That play just gave Drew another reason to K 10 more times.
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    The Trade Thread - 2013

    Alright so I did two trades last weekend. It's was a bit complicated since I knew one guy wouldn't do our trade if he knew what I was getting after the other trade I was about to make. So I kept my...
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