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  1. Sticky: awesome!

  2. MLB to experiment with speed-up tactics during the Arizona Fall League

    You should have to throw four pitches for an intentional walk.
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    NFL Network: Finding Giants

    Watching it now
  4. Sticky: Poll: Haha I know I was talking about your team. And...

    But you already have Chipper at third ;)

    Truth is, you can put these guys on the bench too[/QUOTE]

    Haha I know I was talking about your team. And yeah I could always move someone to the bench...
  5. Sticky: Poll: GM Revision: First pick of the 1992 Draft, who do you take?

    But you could play arod at 3B.

    I'll take Jeter as well

    Chipper Jones 3B
    Manny Ramirez LF
    Derek Jeter SS
  6. Who Would You Like To See Win The World Series?

    Orioles pirates or royals
  7. SNY booth has some cautious optimism for the Mets

    I had us at 78 this year. Close but no cigar. I think I'll wait till February to make my prediction lol
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    How much is Shump worth?

    I disagree Phil absolutely has a choice. What if Shump doesn't show improvement or gets hurt again? Then we will be stuck with another bad contract because we jumped the fun to extend. If he garners...
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    Report: Suh wants to play in New York

    I don't see the giants shelling out a huge contract for him when they seem content at DT. Of course he would be an upgrade but not an urgent one when some of our own young guys need a pay day too...
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    How much is Shump worth?

    Really depends how this year goes for him. No chance Phil extends him without seeing him play for a season in the system first.
  11. Poll: GM Revision: First Pick of the 1991 Draft, Who do you take? (Roster Construction)

    3B Chipper Jones
    LF Manny Ramirez
  12. What did you think of Jeters last home game??

    It was awe inspiring. Found myself cheering for him to get a hit and win it. That's a first for this mets fan. Wouldn't expect him to go out any other way. Much respect
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    Are we gonna have a problem?

    If we aren't a contender when Harvey hits the market he will absolutely be a Yankee.
  14. ESPN suspends Bill Simmons for comments regarding Roger Goodell

    They should permanently suspend him for being a ****** sports journalist.
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    Poll: OBJ or ODB?

  16. Frank Wren Dismissed as Braves GM, John Hart to potentially step in?

    He made couple of really bad signings and it cost him his job. Don't know that he's an awful gm
  17. Should Jeter Retire after Thursday's Game?

  18. Sticky: 2014 Giants Roster News Thread (Roster Cuts to 75 By TUE 8/26, 53 by SAT 8/30)

    I wish Cooper Taylor was healthy. He was looking good in the preseason
  19. Favorite moment from the Isiah Thomas era

    When he was fired
  20. Kurt Thomas and Jeff Van Gundy predict good year for Derek Fisher

    I'm fine letting Melo take over in the fourth. Especially with the triangle keeping him fresh. He has been worn down going into the fourth far too often over the last couple years
  21. Kurt Thomas breaks silence on Knicks leadership void

    Was always a Kurt fan. Guy busted his *** until the bitter end. Agree with everything he said.
  22. Rumor: Timberwolves would do four-years, $42 million for Ricky Rubio, agent eyes more

    That's too much for Rubio. I was on the hype wagon when he came over but he can't score even a little bit.

    As said above he doesn't fit what New York is trying to do now.
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    Poll: Week 3: Houston Texans (2-0) at New York Giants (0-2), SUN 9/21 1:00pm EST on CBS

    Crazy catch

    McLain looks more comfortable in the middle the outside
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    Poll: Week 3: Houston Texans (2-0) at New York Giants (0-2), SUN 9/21 1:00pm EST on CBS

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    Poll: came in here just to say that.

    came in here just to say that.
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