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    Bulls to be aggressive in FA??

    Since when is it so necessary to beat the best player in the league on the way to a title? Please remind me, in which of our 6 championships did we do that?
  2. Constructing the perfect team without cheat codes

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    NFC North vs. NFC West......who wins?

    So if the N is running a 4 WR/1 RB set please tell me who you have Mathieu on? Jordy or Alshon? And either way then who's guarding the other one? And is the legend of Sherman so big now that we think...
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    Who was MJ's chief rival?

    Early career: Isiah Thomas
    Late Career: Reggie Miller
    kid goes to his left well. woulda had the edge too lol
  6. Report: Carmelo Anthony has Bulls on short list of destinations

    Anyone who thinks Melo has to have the ball in his hands to be effective really need to watch him in any kind of Olympic or All-Star type game. His greatest skills are truly off ball and when he's...
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  8. Space Jam 2 starring LeBron in the works

    Am I the only 1 who will wonder how that will work? The MONSTARS only missed MJ because he was busy playing golf with Larry Legend and Bill Murray and pretending to be a baseball player. How the ****...
  9. Poll: 2/21 Denver Nuggets @ Chicago Bulls - 7:00 PM on ESPN, WCIU, ALT

    Pretty sure jimmy broke a rib or 2 on a hell of a layup, stayed in to make a FT, and then a much suggested corner 3 before finally having to come out.

    Gotta love heart like that
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    Poll: id rather we focused most FA resources on DL...

    id rather we focused most FA resources on DL while saving enough to get a Ihedigbo/Whitner SS in FA and drafting Dennard/Bailey. Then we could truly rid our selves of the nightmares known as...
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    We need to dump a lot of those HOF QB's

    Oh yea, because he plays from behind so often with that defense. RW has thrown the ball 30+ attempts only 8 times in his oh so large sample size of 2 years (36 games). His team is 4-4 with 23.13 PPG....
  12. Bulls Trade Luol Deng to Cleveland Cavaliers

    I never said I wanted a top 10 pick. But we very well may have just traded away Deng for 3 2nd rd picks and cap space from cutting Bynum. I just feel like there may have been a slightly better offer...
  13. Bulls Trade Luol Deng to Cleveland Cavaliers

    At first glance this sounds great, but the only positives I really see is cap from cutting Bynum, which is inevitable, and the tanking ability it allows us. That SAC pick is top 10 protected until 17...
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    Mel Tucker expected to be back.

    Most mocks everyone around here seems to love would actually set us up nicely to run a 34. Since most seem to love the Bennett signings and drafting nix you could make your front 7 there and the only...
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    While I agree that CB is the more pressing need,...

    Pretty good, but neither addressed CB. I think CB will be a position of need more than RB.[/QUOTE]

    While I agree that CB is the more pressing need, I think that needs to be addressed in the first...
  16. Poll: Week 16: (8-6) BEARS vs (8-6) EAGLES (12/22, SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, 7:30 CT)

    It very well could play out that neither team will need Sundays victory as their divisional game week 17 will be the deciding one. However, if we win out, and Carolina wins out you're now looking at...
  17. Poll: Team Lebron/Hakeem vs Team Kobe/Barkley

    LBJ/Hakeem got this, and dare I say I'd think easily. To much defense and too many good passers with quality spacing. I'd say they could take this in 5, and it would take something really special...
  18. Poll: 3 drives for MIN for -4 yds, 3 sacks and solid...

    3 drives for MIN for -4 yds, 3 sacks and solid tackling from a I watching the right game?
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    i say go for the tank. trade deng and gibson for...

    i say go for the tank. trade deng and gibson for expirings/picks. keep booz for now because with kirk at PG he'd put up good stats but wont lead us to anything. then trade him in the offseason if you...
  20. 11/24 - Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Clippers - 2:30 PM - CSN

    Since when is this front office so against tanking or so "win now"? Like they've made the aggressive moves that keeps a team competitive. And are we all forgetting we writes the checks? Don't think...
  21. Could (Old-Wizards) MJ have won a chip as the 2nd best player of a team?

    Honestly I would've liked to see him in NJ those years. spurs are to obvious bc they won. But add MJ to the Nets and that 03 finals becomes way more intriguing. And if he had been saved and only used...
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    Please tell me more how bosh is ranked higher now...

    Wade/bosh are better then most of the league players right now. Pippen/rodman might be better players but rodman was not in the top ten big men PF and C in the league. Wade and bosh are both ranked...
  23. Poll: Jimmy Butler's celeb portrait for the year has...

    Jimmy Butler's celeb portrait for the year has been found. He's been Carlton Banks. He's been Prince as played by Dave Chappelle. And now Dave is repeating his title:...
  24. Why can't the bears have reliable back up QB's

    Quick would you rather be a part of Blams nation or Webb nation....
  25. Why can't the bears have reliable back up QB's

    I think some of you have been blinded by some recent success of backup/young QBs. Guys like Rodgers, kaep, and Steve young weren't just people brought in as a safety net in case of injury. They were...
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