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  1. Isn't it about time for Daniel Descalso to be on the 40 man roster?

    Descalso and Ottavino are both guys that need protected in every way possible now..............I just can't see how Descalso is still not on it.

    He's going to be a everyday ML 2nd baseman very...
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    Works for me! Totally happy.

    I just hope STL gets a decent return for Lugo and his play for free contract.He is, at the very least, a steady and consistent hitter and proven veteran.Not a star ---...
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    My view on it eventually concerns Ludwick's status longterm.

    Ludwick isn't signed long term.He's not going to be cheap--especially if he has another big and healthy year this year.

    I think Stavinoha is a player who could be happy and productive as a good...
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    There's one problem with Craig--JoMo already mentioned

    Craig is the WORST defensive player overall on the roster. JoMo said that the other day.He's still a work in progress with the glove skills.

    So maybe there's an argument you send him to AAA to...
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    Don't dog Nick the Stick---he's a good ML hitter at this point

    This is his 3rd shot at making the roster.Just like what Schumaker went thru---let alone the journey Ludwick had to travel to finally get a starting job.Not saying he's a better choice than...
  6. Thread: Ryan Franklin

    by dcrover8

    Just a note.

    I really like Patrick Willis.
  7. Thread: Ryan Franklin

    by dcrover8

    Add John Smoltz---send Motte to AAA

    Then see what Franklin does with Smoltz as a security blanket for not only him.................but for Garcia and maybe even Penny too.:eyebrow: ALSO>>>>Don't give up on Boggs and Hawksworth this...
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    Poll: Not Rich Hill

    Either Garcia or Hawksworth.

    Is P.J.Walters still a Cardinal or what??????????????? It's like he's suddenly vanished from the earth.Haven't heard about him or his baby in weeks.:confused:
  9. Poll: Not really.

    It's a big picture--cover both positions deal.

    Pujols>>>>>>>>> Morneau
    At least it's realistic.

    The second player in the deal for both teams has to be a Cardinal win...
  10. Pro-America bias in American education?

    You gotta be kidding.

    If you want more anti-American education.............move somewhere else where they also hate America and Pro-American education, and see how long you last.:clap:

  11. Texas is one of the top 5 states economically at present.

    Pro-conservative and thriving.

    Unlike EVERY democratic-run state in the union right now that are all in free-fall and near bankrupt.

    Pretty much tells it all.Think not? See Illinois,Michigan...
  12. Poll: Like I said.........

    If anyone admits to being honest about the idea-the only possible deal would have to include Joe Mauer.He's the only player even close to breathing Pujols air right now.

    I would seriously consider...
  13. Poll: What if>>>>>>>>

    If the Twins would deal Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau for Pujols and Molina????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    That would be very tough to blow off IMO.:eyebrow:
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    All that being said........................

    I like both of those Lopez guys.At least we got one of them on the roster for this year.:clap: I'd be the happiest guy around if one of the two replaced Julio Lugo in 2011 when he's a 100% goner.
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    I still think STL should have tried to work a 2 or 3 year deal for the guy.........

    ...........maybe they could have got him locked in semi-longterm on the cheap during a obviously weak negotiating moment by his agency.

    My reasons are many for wanting him more than the one year...
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    Thanks Cardinals. I like the Jack Bauer torture treatment the last month.

    Why wait forever[at least a month] on a no-brainer move?

    I'm happy now--but don't appreciate the suffering endured to see the deal finally come to fruition.

    Plus.............only one year? That...
  17. Chirp--Chirp---Cheap --Cheap--I agree

    This is the status quo the last 3 weeks---a roster $$$ figure of around $92 mil and an excuse that the organization needs to give all the rookies a shot at proving themselves before adding anything...
  18. OK--here's your proof.

    Besides the fact that almost every single major league ballplayer who has played in STL has a 100% positive opinion of the team professionalism--fanbase--and overall experience of being a...
  19. This post is out there.Top 20 on the all-time joke list?

    I don't know where or how you come up with what you are saying--but it's a little bit bizarre-o.

    The Cardinals don't need to rebuild in 2010.There is absolutely no reason to expect Carpenter and...
  20. Very good job

    It's always funny to me how bad alot of these close up mug shots make the players look.

    One last point----the only thing that worries me more about this team than not having much proven depth...
  21. They are good enough--they have the money to be better than good enough

    Anything can happen..................see 2006.

    But St.Louis does has a chance right now to step on necks..........problem is,rather than doing it...........they choose to save the few million it...
  22. Why do the Cub fans come on over to hate on Schumaker so much?

    Two things are pretty obvious..............

    1) He's better than the best of the current 2010 Cub 2nd base platoon of 3.

    2) the Cardinals wouldn't trade him straight up for any of those...
  23. Thread: Felipe Lopez?

    by dcrover8

    Well now Brendan Ryan needs wrist clean-up? surgery

    Here we go--go---go--again.

    The Cardinals better really think hard about adding another guy that can takeover that INF/OF utility role or can start at SS or 3rd ..............and that has the...
  24. In regard to the shortage of blacks on the roster.........

    Exactly what race is Daryl Jones--if he isn't black?

    It's not the Cardinals[or for that matter MLB's] fault that most black athletes gravitate towards other pro sports --instead of baseball.Is it...
  25. Thread: expectations

    by dcrover8

    I have to chip in and say I back you on wins and ERA being important

    The same people who don't think Wins and ERA are important in determining if a pitcher is good --also don't think that BAw/RISP and RBI's aren't important in determining great hitters.

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