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    Sign Winston at RT; let Martin play LT

    What do you mean by "learn the position?" Martin was a LT and protected Andrew Luck's blindside at Stanford. He has bulked up 15 pounds this off-season all ready and he'll be ready to be our LT for...
  2. Anyone want Tyson Clabo? ...

    Anyone want Tyson Clabo?
  3. I agree with the person who started this thread. ...

    I agree with the person who started this thread. Maybe just throw in a 1st round pick from the Celtics and Clippers to the Hawks, and the trade could work for all parties involved. The money works...
  4. Mario Chalmers--Miami Heat. The man has...

    Mario Chalmers--Miami Heat.

    The man has skills, but he is the most inconsistent player in the league. And he's cocky as hell! He'll hit ten 3's in Sacramento, and then score 12 points combined...
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    Moving Bell was a wise salary dump

    I definitely agree with you that Heath Bell had to go. But anytime you trade a perennial all-star for a marginal prospect, it's a salary dump, regardless of whether you agree with the move or not. ...
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    Spo isn't the only issue, but he is a problem.

    Yes, players have to execute for the coach to look good. But it seems to me like Spo is one of the worst when it comes to making in-game adjustments. And when you consistently lose games by 5...
  7. Why would Bibby get bought out?

    He also has another year on his contract. That would be a huge buyout!
  8. We can't trade for Nene, but...

    The Heat can get Nene in the off-season after he opts out of his contract. Assuming that there is a 2011-2012 season and there's a MLE, why wouldn't Nene want to come to Miami? And he would be an...
  9. Even though he murdered dogs, the MVP is Vick's to lose.

    The MVP goes to the player who is invaluable to his team. It's not the player with the best statistics or the best season, but without the player, the season would be loss. Now it's normally very...
  10. Magic got worse!

    Ok, here we go. 2 years ago they let Turkoglu go because he wanted too much money. After he has gotten worse and older over the past two seasons, they want him back? They owe him $40 million over the...
  11. Bill Belichick consistently gets away with being stupid!

    Originally Posted by samevans7
    I do just want to point out all the WR core of all 4 Super Bowl appearencces under Brady:

    SB XXVI: Troy Brown, David Patten, David Givens were the WR that...
  12. Dan Gilbert reprimanded by the Commissioner

    "David Stern just announced in Las Vegas that Cavaliers will be fined $100,000 for Dan Gilbert's "open letter" in wake of LeBron's departure"

    -Marc Stein's Twitter (3 minutes ago)
  13. "Just heard from Udonis Haslem. He has turned...

    "Just heard from Udonis Haslem. He has turned down far larger deals from the Nuggets and Mavericks . . . and will be back with the Heat!"

    Haslem email to Sun Sentinel, and, therefore, Heat fans:...
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    Poll: Yes!!!

    "Just heard from Udonis Haslem. He has turned down far larger deals from the Nuggets and Mavericks . . . and will be back with the Heat!"

    Haslem email to Sun Sentinel, and, therefore, Heat fans:...
  15. I think James WAS in Miami

    Ric Bucher has been right about almost everything in free agency. I trust him much more than Broussard. I'm sure when ESPN heard about the tweet, they had him shut it down. It would kind of ruin...
  16. Bosh is such a DIVA

    Look at this new tweet from Chris Bosh:

    "What's all the fuss about this morning? I woke up to a ton of emails, texts and missed calls."

    posted 5 minutes ago
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    Now Miami is the front runner for LeBron James. ...

    Now Miami is the front runner for LeBron James. ESPN is a joke. We didn't have a chance in hell yesterday!

    -Chris Broussard (2 minutes ago on ESPN)
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    The last paragraph talks about Miller and...

    The last paragraph talks about Miller and Fernandez. Miller makes $7.2 million next year and Fernandez makes $1.4 million...
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    In case anyone was nervous...

    "Sun Sentinel has confirmed independently, from source very close to Wade, to Bosh-Wade pairing is a go with Heat. That part is definite."

    -Ira Winderman (twitter)
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    News Conference being cancelled isn't a big deal;other

    They were planning to cancel the news conference for a few days. It's fine.
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    Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

    Sam Young was drafted by the Cowboys in a 6th round. He is a huge OT listed at 6'7'' 330 lbs. I used to play high school basketball with him. Don't know if he'll play in the NFL.
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    Poll: JO would still be on the Heat, he plays C

    The Heat lineup would probably be:
    PG: Alston
    SG: Wade
    SF: Beasley
    PF: Boozer
    C: O'Neal

    Bench: Richardson, Anthony, Cook, Wright, Arroyo

    Pretty good 10 man rotation
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    3 way deal for Jamison

    Cavs get Jamison and Telfair, Clippers get Drew Gooden and Wash gets Illgauskas, Al Thornton and Brian Skinner and Cavs 1st round pick.

    from WojYahooNBA
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    Why wouldn't this work?

    Add in a draft pick.
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    Best Trade!

    Throw a 1st round pick to each team.
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