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  1. 49ers Empire - Enjoy YOUR Tailgating Video!

    Feast on fish tacos at Candlestick Park while you still can, and follow the Tailgate32 RV (with extra fuel filters, of course):

    -Mike Luca (Research Consultant and...
  2. Cards Fans - Enjoy YOUR Tailgating Video!

    Stay dry on the Great Lawn with "Kid Rock", cook up some breakfast with Poonster, and follow the Tailgate32 RV!

    -Mike Luca (Research Consultant and Italian...
  3. San Fran Fans - FREE BBQ, Beer, and Tailgating Tonight at 2:30 PT!

    If you know of any ambassador superfans or signature tailgating crews (or if you are one), then share your insights and stories of tradition here.
  4. Cards fans - FREE BBQ, beer, and Tailgating this Sunday!

    Find the Tailgate32 RV in Lot F at 9:30 PT and join our pregame tailgate party before the Cardinals beat the Bills!

    Here is the event link:

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