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  1. Poll: MNF: Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons

    All Eagles doing wrong, nothing Atlanta is doing :eyeroll:
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    I completely agree. But at the same time it...

    I completely agree. But at the same time it benefits both waiting. Julio and his agent can see what the bench mark is, while Atlanta can make sure Julio will be healthy enough going forward...
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    Dez Confirms Sitout

    Waiting for Julio to screw over Dez and DT, but see no reason for Atlanta to sign him until next off-season since he's fully cooperating.
  4. Report: Jimmy Bitler wants to sign a year deal with the Lakers...

    Isn't it if the Bulls offer him the 5 year max, the least he could sign for here is 3 years. Which would take us out for the running with his 1 year affair with us.

    However he was spotted with...
  5. Lakers take d'angelo russell with no. 2 pick- deserves own thread!

    One thing that annoys me is people worried about filling in the just the starting 5, refusing to think about depth. What's the big deal if Clarkson comes off the bench? We will finally have a stud...
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    Douglas was a casualty for Atlanta and was being...

    Douglas was a casualty for Atlanta and was being paid handsomely as a WR3. Also, with Shannahan, a number 3 option isn't a huge necessity. Add to the fact Atlanta will most likely sign a pass...
  7. Falcons Officially Name Dan Quinn As HC

    If we had any other coach but Mike Smith we go 8-8 last year. Quinn will also be able to bring in defensive players that want to play with him. This opposed to Smith whose biggest defensive FA have...
  8. NFL is investigating the Falcons for piping artificial crowd noise

    Idiots. However, really funny how this season investigation comes out today. NFL trying to hide behind a 6-10 team. Nice move.
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    Falcons next head coach?

    Because Quinn wanted Shanahan as OC. So since Shanahan has been talking with other teams as well it was important we locked him down. All it did was conclude we are getting Quinn.
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    Ahhhh, keep sleeping on Desmond Trufant. Even...

    Ahhhh, keep sleeping on Desmond Trufant. Even without a non existent pass rush I'm sure PFF has him listed as a top 8 corner.
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    Purely based on play this year? Groups can really...

    Purely based on play this year? Groups can really go in any order, but the order I'd put them in with their play for the year.

    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady

    3. Manning

    4. Romo
    5. Luck
  12. Everything on defense- Atlanta Falcons

    Everything on defense- Atlanta Falcons
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    Childish Gambino- STN MTN Mixtape

    Thoughts? Coming out with the second part on an EP.
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    I feel Desmond Trufant is almost there....

    I feel Desmond Trufant is almost there. Especially playing for one of the worst defenses in the league. A defense that applies little to absolutely no pressure, letting receivers years to get open....
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    Rate my team thread

    Didn't see one on here. Just rating drafts and giving people suggestions.

    12 team, Auction Draft. .5PPR

    QB: Nick Foles
    RB: Monte Ball
    RB: Doug Martin
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Pierre Garçon
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    Hip-Hop Concerts?

    I've seen Gambino 3 times, was at Lolla on Sunday. Puts on a great show. Actually a lot better singer live than you'd expect.
  17. Official Off-Topic Thread From Hell: Volume XXI

    Anyone see swaggy p in iggy's nude lmao :laugh:
  18. The Official 2014 NFL Draft Thread (Twitter spoilers not allowed)

    Do they show phone calls anymore? I forgot. I thought they stopped showing them. It really ruins the excitement.
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    Falcons eyeing Clowney, #1 Pick

    Actually I'm not opposed to maybe moving up to two, depending on the cost for Mack.
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    Falcons eyeing Clowney, #1 Pick

    Lol Texans can get bent then. If they really want to move back, there is no way they get 3 1sts. Also if this is true, then it's guaranteed Houston takes Clowney at 1. I'm down for the 6 with a first...
  21. Name 3 players you would like to keep next season

    1. Wiggins
    2. Parker
    3. Exum
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    Lollapalooza headliners

    Expect 2 of Pearl Jam/Outkast/JT to be added as well.
  23. Poll: MNF: Atlanta Falcons Vs. San Francisco 49ers

    Harry Douglas needs to bat that ball down. Good loss for us though.
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    NFL Draft/Trades/Free Agency

    Was at the game, hard to root against then being there, but damn I want Clowney.
  25. The race is on... for the bottom of the league

    As long as Atlanta can get top 3 for Clowney or to trade down to someone desperate, I'll be happy. Just one more loss to Washington and then we got 2 auto losses against SF and Carolina. Wouldn't...
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