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    Also the Braves want Jonathan Sanchez but I can't seem to think of a good deal for us because they won't part with Heyward (and rightfully so). And I don't really want Prado unless I can get another top spec which they are not willing to do.

    So if you want Prado, you can convince me here... though I think you are on my boat since our strength is SP and I don't want to lose that strength
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    yeah the Ross deal is hard because Belt is an amazing prospect... Ross isn't who they want, they just had him listed so they get a replacement OF for Scott...

    and do you mean Revere + Hendriks and it is a done deal? Or the original deal with Revere instead of Hendriks? Where we still pay the difference.

    I'll be gone for some time so can you start sending the VM or PM to these guys and then get back to me? I want Ichiro so I want you to send a counter since you feel we are giving up too much...

    and the O's really want to work a deal with us because they really like Brandon Belt and Pablo Sandoval so could you see what you could do there? I don't really mind Scott but I would also like an upgrade... If you could somehow get Adam Jones or Nick Markakis... or get them to get Roberts into a deal without us taking a lot of salary then that'd be appealing...

    And the Twins deal, I'd rather Hendriks then Revere who is always injured... especially since we have to pay the difference for either deal. If we can get Hendriks and Revere then sure that's a great deal... but I'd rather Hicks or Gibson who they don't want to do
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    And #14, the Milledge deal, we most likely will have to eat salary which is why I wasn't sure about that...
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    Either deals (Revere or Hendriks) has us eating the entire salary as the Twins only have 6M cap so they can't afford to pay Sanchez.

    And the Orioles deal, they can even out the contract difference... but even then we lost at least 5.5M because we have to tender Cody Ross... I'm really hesitant to make this deal because of that
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    Are you sure about the Ross + Belt deal? I'm really hesitant because Belt will most likely be a top 50 ranked prospect this year after the monster year he put up last year... He is a very very legit prospect who held his own in AA and AAA so he could be ready for an MLB promotion... Luke Scott is very good but I don't really want a repeat of a similar to AJ Piersyznski deal that was made
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    Omar Infante + Mike Minor for Jonathan Sanchez is on the table. It is decent if we ever need a top prospect to swing in a 3-team deal for but now I'd have to say no.

    And the Twins deal is on the table (Trevor Plouffe/Luke Hughe and Liam Hendricks for Freddy Sanchez.), it is decent but it does involve us eating the entire contract of Sanchez which I am kind of hesitant to do... I said we'd need Hicks or Gibson (their #1 and #3 prospect) because I need a higher ceiling since it is a lot to eat Sanchez's 6M
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    Dude we only have 13.35M to spend so we have to be smart with it... Although I think we can definitely ask for more money seeing how the Giants in real life made the World Series this year, and this mock only gave them a 4M increase from last years payroll...

    Also is it me or do you also feel that Madison Bumgarner should not be traded at all unless we get a for-sure superstar... And even in that case, it better not be much more than Bumgarner. It better be like Bumgarner and a 6-10 ranked prospect and it better be a super super star

    Edited: On second thought I'll see what I can get in this market for Bumgarner before making him downright untouchable. Looking at the big market superstars

    We can also get Colby Rasmus for Jonathan Sanchez which is a deal you could keep in mind. I like it technically but I also do not like it because Sanchez is more valuable to this team then Rasmus would be
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    I'm considering it and trying to resign him for 2-3M instead. That is why I am waiting, see if I can trade him first. And don't worry, take your time. You were the one who basically did everything in the last Mock, you made most of the big moves. I am glad that I was able to be more proactive in this one
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    *shine* not *sign* lol
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    Dude the Giants have spent 77.2M already and probably will only have a total of <20M to spend all offseason... And we aren't even counting arbitration yet. I think I'll just end up not signing anyone in arb, or just signing the RP. Especially won't sign guys like Cody Ross who would end up costing about 5M

    The sad part is, all of the money go to these guys (while everyone else is at 400k)

    F. Sanchez (6M), DeRosa (6M), Rowand (12M), Lincecum (13M), Cain (7M), Zito (18.5M), Wilson (6.5M), Affeldt (4.5M)

    See something interesting here? Outside of Lincecum, Cain, and Wilson... everyone else sucks. Two of the guys are on the bench and they constitute about 30% of the payroll... Damn the Giants GM in real life is a mess
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