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    This vinny guy was being all obnoxious about random crap. Just like randomly hating on teams and players for no reason and someone called him out and he just kept posting lmao bruhhhh like in all caps and he was being serious. Then again this is the guy who talked on psd about how much he loves to have sex with feet.

    So every game thread he's in we spam lmaoooo bruhhhhhhh
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    So true.
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    Exactly. Tippett? Yawwnnnn

    I'm half convinced he probably doesn't know who he is.
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    Did you see the trap we laid?

    We posted andre Tippett is the most overrated player in nfl history in the random thoughts thread. Nobody answered for days. Posted Brady is overrated. Green monster cried like a child. Proof he knows nothing about pre 2000 Patriots. If even that far back
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    Read this VM first: It was too long for one.

    TM or mod or whatever. I can't ignore him. So he's one or the other.

    I couldn't care less. I'm not doing anything but telling the truth. I say one tiny thing about Brady and he starts yelling that I ALWAYS respond to him and all I do is troll. Then says he ignored me but replies to my post going "troll troll troll troll" to incite me. Then I don't even bite and he reports us for off topic.

    I need to find you the thread where he got mad. It wasn't even a big deal what I said, at all.
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    LOL, in looking for my posts, I found him and another guy's conversation with like 30 deleted posts. He has to be a bait and report machine. What a great TM.

    It basically starts here

    He's so flipping defensive. 277 post and the next post are where he starts DON'T DISCREDIT THEM when all I said was

    ""Assume TB and BB somehow never ended up on the same teams. We randomly spin a wheel and they both go to both the teams they land on for their first years. Do you really think we have the same level of opinion of them?"

    And all he keeps saying is "they weren't separated bc they were too good." As if my argument was "they should have been broken up" instead of "what if they never played together"

    It was so insanely irritating to try to debate/argue with someone who won't even listen to what you're saying.
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    Read as "Pats fans care way too much about other people's opinions of the Pats"

    Dude legit takes it all personal and now he's got some giant vendetta with me. Probably the ONLY guy left on PSD that is constantly trying to get me banned. And of course he's a mod now. I already heard he's raising a stink from someone in the ATRD about what I "get away with."
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    Wow then he reported me to high hell after he was the one who called me a troll 99 times.

    I knew that was his game. He was trying to push me into insulting him. What a mod. A troll bait and report mod.
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