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    I just grew out of interest in the sport in all honesty. Several reasons but it got too watered down in my opinion.
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    No problem, man. I'm most likely going to the game if I can't sell them but I'll definitely let you know. Go Hawks!
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    I understand, but I have to be honest, they won't last very long, I have some friends that are on the same boat and have offered to pay $300, so I'm sure I will be selling to them. Good luck!
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    We're so leet.
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    Pretty sure I jsut gave one away too. SOmeone asked me for my crates the other day and I'm like uh, have whatever you want and I gave him like 40 of them lol.

    I used to play it on my old account when it came out here and there. I used to actually play Team Fortress Classic like...all the effing time before I really got hooked into Day of Defeat and Counter Strike.

    I still don't know/care about most of the crafting stuff, like all the prices of hats and that insanity. I just got tired of seeing some sweet weapon I didn't have and when I found out it costs about the same as a pack of smokes I was like **** it.

    Anyways, I'd have you a Jag already but the Steam trading servers are all fudged, you can't even switch your loadouts in any server right now. Hit me up next time you're on. I'll get you one of those crates too.
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    Lol god no. I just go to Scrap.TF

    I traded everything I had for metal, then you can jsut buy some with paypal, then I went and bought one of everything. It took a couple hours but now I have it all.

    Also, you have an unused key from like 2 years ago. Use taht ****er ya nerd.
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    I'll get you a jag. Technically I bought it, I traded all my rarer type hats for credits a while ago, then I found out that this shot cost next to nothing. I think I got every single non-rare weapon with the stuff I already had plus like 4 entire dollars lol.

    But I'll get you a jag, I have tons of refined metal left, like 40 or so that I can get you **** with. Make me a list of what you want and if it's just basic value stuff I'll get it and trade it to you.
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    I'm getting more and more into TF2 every day. I hated soldier but I practiced rocket jumping for like an hour after work today in an idle server and it was fun as hell.
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    I just got it off a diff website lol. Somehow messaging you reminded me to go look.

    Otherwise I would have given ya a jag.

    But yeah, it's for Demo.
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    IDK why PSD won't ban bums like that that hooded guy.

    Also, trade me your Quickie Bomb Launcher. I only need 3 more weapons in TF2 and I have ever single base weapon I saw you had it! haha
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