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    Sorry for the late reply. I use the Tapatalk app so I don't think I get the notification.

    I go to the WWU rec when I'm in B'ham.
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    Oh ok, I think you are on my friends list now if I did it right, this is better then bleacher report though
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    Of course. Played it in the arcade. Had both on n64
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    lol I meant Rush from battlefield games haha.

    it's a game mode. I'm confusing.

    I'll see if they end up getting really cheap maybe.
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    Lots of cool new gadgets. IDK, it just feels better. It's smooth, it's fast. Every class has a purpose in every game mode. Plus it has all sorts of ridiculous funny easter eggs. Like every so many spots you flip the person you spotted the bird. lol. Or theres these weird reloads. It's just kind of a funny whacky FPS. It doesn't take itself too seriously but still awesome.

    For a beta it was AMAZING how tactical we'd play. I'd say like one thing on the mic "let's go roof" boom everyone is on mic, everyone is working together. It's totally legit.

    I see there's some troll that hates every game *****ing about it in the VG section. I asked him why lol. I know he plays some fantasy FPS onc onsole, I forget the name and thinks nothing can be as good.

    But this Beta sold a TON of people who were doubters based on Reddit comments.
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    No, different, better.

    Weapon damage model is way heavier. Less forgiving. I love it. No more 3 shots and the guy runs away. People actually PLAY the objectives almost always.

    The conquest map was sick, it had a lot of snipers but about half way through a dust storm starts and then theyc an't see **** at distance.

    The Hotwire mode is impossible to explain but so much crazy hollywood **** happens. Ya gotta see a video to understand.

    But the Heist mode is gonna be sick. It's like Rush on steroids. There's still camping like Rush but it's not near as bad.
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    hardline is going to bef ucking awesome.

    I spent like 4 hours just today looking at allt he comments and videos on Reddit. lol. Now I have to wait 5 ****ing weeks.

    I can't even go back to BF4. It just flat out annoys me after how superior IMO Hardline is.
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    It did. But then they moved the release date back 4 months or whatever it was and now they're doing another one before next month's release.
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    I jsut went HAM after I got this new gun on Battlefield Hardline and I screamed putt he ***** on the chainwax like every kill. I threw a half random grenade, it hit a car and killed 3 guys, i ran around the bus i was ont he other side of and I had a pump shot gun and got 3 more, it all happened basically at once lol. it was pretty sweet. One guy got him me adn he only had like 5 HP too if I had just beena little more accurate i would have got them aLL. ****ing sad.
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    hahaha. I used to have a program that did it but that was years and years ago. I'm probably too lazy to try it again. Plus I'm playing Battlfield now and it would only play for my squad lol
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