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    What did you just post about? Not familiar with it, curious.
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    hey make sure to check in
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    Originally Posted by Steelers23_06
    lemme guess you know this because you work at espn? that whole statement was just twisted and false. he was redoing his official site and was going to do it there to get his site more publicity and he could make bank off advertisement during the broadcast. all of that would have been in his pocket. and then espn offered him to do the decision with a reporter of his liking and proceeds going to charity. There isn't a bigger joke in PSD threads than "Double R".

    I'm so glad you came out to play, because you know less about the situation than just about everyone on PSD, but you decided to comment anyways. So let me start with the real joke:

    As stated by Don Ohlmeyer(ESPN Ombudsman) in the first paragraph of his article linked below: As has been well documented, Team LeBron proposed the exclusive special to ESPN with the following conditions: (1) Veteran broadcaster Jim Gray, who has no current association with ESPN, would host the segment in which James announced his plans; (2) The network would yield the hour of advertising inventory to be sold by James' team with the proceeds directed to the Boys & Girls Club of America; (3) The network would produce the entire show and pay for all production costs.

    You don't have to work at ESPN to be able to read, sport.

    Some found ESPN guilty of violating a key ethical journalistic tenet -- paying for news. Others disdained the network's perceived pandering to a superstar, a trait causing them to ponder the network's biases. Still others decried a simple announcement being manufactured into the suspense of a "second coming." The monstrous hype that led up to the special was a calculated and constructed spotlight that media far beyond ESPN helped feed. To many, the aggregate was an affront to humility, loyalty, moderation and instead became a celebration of greed, ego and excess.

    If you would like to swallow your pride and read more the link is below, but until then, remember the only joke on PSD, is on you. Don't bother responding to me next time, you blew it to hard in your first response to warrant another.

    PS, should have known you joined in July 2010, what a surprise.
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