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    The way I look at it is this: If I believe that Soldier is a franchise LT, then he is worth moving up for, but I'm not positive of that. Out of the other options, I would have to look up the FA market for Right Tackles to have a better idea, but I'm thinking that signing Light as a stop-gap LT is the most realistic and viable option.

    As for your mock, I love the maneuvering you made to not be too invested in the draft. I may have made a couple too many picks, though I'm not certain. I won't say the name of the guard you have us selecting just to not spoil it for others in-case they see your profile, but I love the pick. I'm not too worried about his age and definitely contemplated selecting him in my mock. I think Scarnecchia almost prefers his offensive linemen to be a little bit older and more seasoned, his track-record suggests that. Plus the guy can play.

    I like the running back you have us selecting, I thought about him but decided to wait till later in the draft to select one. I don't know anything about the cornerback, though I will look him up later when I have time.

    Good work, and thanks for sharing.
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    The two future 2nds and a third are just amazing to pull off. I also like the fact that you were able to stay in each of the first 4 rounds while still gaining more picks for the future.
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    Sounds awesome to me. I liked the general direction of your first mock and we seem to be in agreement with the rush linebacker/defensive end/and guard positions. Getting those players while still adding to the future is very impressive as well.

    The thing that PF56 and I were talking about is that we don't want Light to be the guy any longer. And if we don't sign him then at least one side of the line will be weaker than the previous year. So basically it comes down to either trading up and getting Soldier, or signing Matt Light to be the stop-gap till next year. I also don't see the need in drafting a Tackle in the second-third round because the prospects don't present much value. Most of the guys listed as tackles in that range will eventually be guards anyways, and I already have other guard prospects in mind.

    Before I finalize my mock I need to do what you did and work on a 53 man roster with PF56 though, not sure how many players we should be drafting yet.
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    With the Patriots, that isn't that unrealistic. Plus it is fun to have a crazy draft of moving up & down

    PF56 and I are a bit torn on whether or not to trade up for Nate Soldier, that's the main thing that could change in our mock.

    When will your simulation be going up?
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    I can't wait to see it! I threw in some trades as well, I'll give you a sneak peak and send it to you, though it isn't a finished product.
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    Yup, I did get a chance to read them. I'm going to send you my thoughts on it later today.
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    ^We can use that as a guideline for trades. Generally, when BB makes his trades, he ends up getting the better end of the deal.

    So I think its fair to have a couple deals where the Pats get a little more value in return lol.
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    Well, as I said earlier, I'm not an expert on the college players so I'll just agree with what you're saying there haha. I do believe the Pats will acquire either a 1st rounder or 2nd rounder for next year. They almost always go into each year with at least 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. Perhaps the Vikings pick gets moved for a 2nd rounder next year.

    As for Malcolm Floyd, I'll be honest, I don't find that likely at all lol. While I would love for the Pats to go after someone like him, I think he'll be a bit out of their price range. I was going through the list of WR FAs and I didn't really find any vets that BB might go after. Lance Moore isn't a vet but maybe BB takes a look at him.

    As for the Pro Bowl stuff, I actually wasn't thinking of Aso. I was just thinking in general. It's a good opportunity for BB and his staff to see some of the league's top players and if he really likes someone, I could see him maybe going after that player. Obviously, I would love for the Pats to go after Aso but I think he's a bit out of their price range. But maybe Aso takes a liking to BB at the pro bowl and that leads to him coming to the Pats at a discounted price (hey, I can pray right? lol). But are there any other Pro Bowlers who are possible targets? I can't think of any off the top of my head.

    I agree with the Bailey idea. The question is, how interested is he in getting paid? With the way Denver has been playing the last few years, it probably would be a good fit with NE.

    As for Pierre Thomas, thats what I'm thinking too. The question is, how many other teams are thinking Thomas. If some team gives him a contract based on his 09 season, I think BB steps out of the bidding. But with so many other RBs available, Thomas is probably likely. Also, I think Ronnie Brown is a possibility- he'll be looking for a shorter contract and he'll be low money. Could be a good bargain for the Pats.

    I'll let you handle the draft part since as I said, I don't know many college players. But I do think a QB could be taken in the 6th or 7th round. Know anyone who BB might like?
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    so we should share our ideas for the offseason simulation. Some thoughts of mine:
    BB dips into the FA pool for a low-risk, high-reward RB that will be had at a discounted price. Most likely a productive back in the past coming off an injury.

    The Pats trade the #33rd pick for a 1st rounder next year.

    I could see the Pats going after another vet WR (like Holt, Galloway)

    positions I could see being drafted: LT, LG, RG, DL, OLB, CB, WR, RB and QB. I think the Pats grab a QB late in the draft so that they have 3 QBs on roster.

    Here's a site with the FAs:

    There's a good crop but as we know, BB tends to look for bargains unless there's a player he really likes. Something else to keep an eye on will be the pro bowl this weekend. Remember BB was at the pro bowl in 06 with adalius there and I think that was one of the things that led to the signing.
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    do not think that because I have accepted your friend request that i will allow you for even one second to have sex with Jessica Alba.
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