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    Lesson learned.
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    Yeah, really crappy timing, I hate not holding up my end. I had forgot I committed to NFL mock, didn't want to leave them hanging, too hard to run it as is. I asked FW to meet me somewhere in the middle, he declined to. Oh well.
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    Eh, I will. I just said I would ban myself, never technically said when.
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    I'll have to start the ban after the nfl mock off season stops.
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    Your up in the mock draft.
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    You up in mock draft
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    Go look at the threads they allow now. It's stupid. This allknowing nut job has made 3 thraeds that have been locked in our forum. Now he makes a thread "This prospect will be a good player." Oh, great thread. Cool. I could make 50 threads like that. Or he makes a weather thread for SB when there's one RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Oh cool. This isn't your ****ing blog. Stop using a msg board like it's a way for everyone to see your thoughts. It's for discussion. Get a freaking blog. This isn't your website. It drives me insane. It's what CCRider does too. He wants to make the threads so EVERYONE sees what he has to say. He thinks he's that important. Then we have MIKETOUHY making a thread about every single special that's on NFLN so we know what time to watch and telling us about old championship games and crap. Okay? Thanks. Lots to talk about there bud.

    It's on the slide to NBA forum status. And they're too stubborn and stupid to do anything about it.
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    I'm not like telling new posters YOU SUCK GET OUT. But if they say something stupid, I will go after it and disagree. But I do that to ANY poster. ANYONE, literally. I don't get who you are. I'm not going to take it easy because of someone's post count. It's all the same to me.
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    Read the other msg first....

    They need to realize that quality will bring their hits. They think new users equals more and more clicks. But you breed this atmosphere they have now, of unintelligence, it also turns people off. People like me. The people you should want.

    Then they think because I saw that I'm jealous of mods. Or get your own forum. It's like idiots. I'm just trying to help you. They get so mad when someone calls them on their ****. They think they can do no wrong. It was pretty great to get 10 PMs a day from people asking where I went, and asking me to comeback and saying don't get permad. For all the hate I've gotten I never noticed how people actually do appreciate having me around. If nothing else I stir the pot and keep conversations going. Generally decent ones.

    And I'm sure a mod will read this since they stalk me now. SO KISS MY BEHIND. I SAID IT.
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    The content-team admitted their agenda. They're going after all veteran users who are intolerant of new users who are worthless. I'm basically not allowed to go after new people, no matter how off base their opinions are. It's not even insulting, because I never name call. They finally said "we have too many veteran users attacking new posters so they don't stay."

    Yeah well most of those people are worthless crap that we don't need. We need good posters. Not trolls and idiots. Now this place is run by people like CCRider. It's no wonder every other forum things it's a complete joke. And the NFL section is better than most of the rest of it. lol

    (continued, got too long)
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