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About kings2010
From Sacramento, Ca. Currently reside in Bakersfield, Ca. about 100 miles North of L.A. I'm a die hard Sacramento Kings fan and San Francisco 49ers fan. Been a Kings fan since 2001-2002 right in the middle of Lakers/Kings classic rivalry. Initially, I was a casual Lakers fan around about 1997-2000. I just liked them then because my parents did. I started to sense myself not pulling for them to win much around the 2000 season. I actually remember secretly pulling for the Pacers to beat L.A. in the Finals that year. Then 2000-2001 I was on the Bucks bandwaggon with Cassell, Allen and Big Dog then Iverson and the 7ers broke my heart and I really didn't care about the Finals series between L.A. and Philly. I was through with L.A. then and trying to find my own team.

Enter the 2001-2002 season. I heard the Kings were doing pretty good after the trade for Bibby. Then I remember the Lakers were at Sacramento on a christmas day game. I tuned in and found myself cheering for the Kings, pissed my Mom and dad off! lol I remember it was a good game but the Kings came up short. I remember the crowd was crazy and the style and swag the Kings played with really made me enjoy what I saw. Then the playoffs came about and I said I'm rolling with The Kings now. I was tired of L.A. always winning and I felt that Sacramento was the team that could beat them finally by how hard they played them on christmas earlier that season.

Bibby and Webb was fantastic in the series. I kept going to school (I was 15 at the time) and bragging after the games we won during the series. I was hooked and there was no looking back, I had found my team and the part that REALLY hooked me was the fact that the Team represented MY actual HOMETOWN. I was like, duhhh. This is a no brainer and i've been a fan ever since. I loved how noone liked them down here in Bako. They call Bakersfield "Lakersfield" so it's flooded with Laker fans. So I was outnumbered but I loved it. It was me against the world and the Kings had that same attitude and style and swagger to back it up! Im glad I was able to be apart of that Era. And now i'm hoping we can get that magic back again in due time, soon.

Now the 49ers. I've been a fan basically since birth. That's the team I ended up falling in love with because of my folks but I didn't leave the bandwaggon. I say around the 1996 season I started to watch a game or 2. Then 1997 I watched more games on TV mainly because Me my Dad and my Uncle who was living with us for about a couple years then, always played Madden 96 & 97 on the Genesis. About the 98 season I was hooked, routing and cheering them on, on my own. I loved Garrison Hearst, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, JJ Stokes, Dana Stoublefield, Merton Hanks, RW Mcquarters lol. Brent Jones. I loved all those guys back then, I really didn't start understanding football though until about the 2001 season. I remember us playing the Packers and beating them with Owens catch, then the next season I believe, we lost to them 25-15. But I really became hooked in 2002 when we beat the Giants in that classic comeback game. The look on Strahans face was priceless, especially since he was bragging earlier that game talking about "scoreboard" when we were getting thoroughly whipped.

Jeff Garcia was a solid QB for us during that era. Unfortunately Owens went all crazy on us and the destruction and fall began. I remember him getting traded to Philly and shortly Garcia leaving and then enter the worst drought for the 49ers in a very very long time, The worst drought in my lifetime that's for sure and i'm 26 now. It was ruff, the Tim Rattays, the Kevan Barlows (he was half decent though to me). The Ahmed Plummers(half decent also) The Joe Cortezs, The Rashon Woods. I mean we were flat out horrible on all levels. lol 4-12, 2-14(twice), 5-11, Just bad football for 9 straight seasons.

But I stuck through. I watched all the games I could and the ones I couldn't? I tried to hear on radio even when I knew we were bad, I always had hope that we would get the next one. It started off with Dennis Erickson. Then Norv Turner, Then Mike Nolan, The Mike Singletary when we actually started to show a little bit signs of life and ressurection but he just could't get us over the hump, his playcalling just was not good. I remember drafting Alex Smith and him struggling with all the different O.C.'s each year and no weapons on Offense other than Gore. I remember drafting Vernon Davis and he teard up, I remember drafting Patrick Willis, and then eventually Crabtree and then we we're coming up.

Give Singletary some credit though be ause our defense started becoming really good under him. Then finally we let him go, hired Jim Harbaugh, Drafted Colin Kaepernick and the rest was history. Back to back NFC championship appearences and a super dominant defense when theyre focused and a potent offense with many weapons. My squad now is stacked across the board, now. We're a legit threat for the Super Bowl every year now and no, we haven't won it yet but we're really close and as long as we have Harbaugh and Kaep, Crabs, Davis(TE), Staley, Iupati, Davis(guard) Willis, Bowman, Brooks, Smith and the Cowboy. we'll always be in the hunt. I'm enjoying this run and new era of 49er football, new stadium coming next season and a damn good football team. The 9 year drought was well worh the wait. And I get praise from peers too because everybody know that I've been down with the 49ers since the mid 90's and theyre witnesses to it. So they always "exclude" me from the convo about bandwaggon 49er fans lol they know not to bring it here. I've earned my stripes and respect as far as football fans go. That happens when you stick it out with a team whether they win or lose and especially when you brag and still annoy everybody even when you go 2-14 lol

anyways that's my Sports biography. I'm not much of a baseball fan, I don't watch many games. But I do however support the San Francisco Giants and I've always had a thing for the Yankees. Those are my 2 baseball teams.

I'm also a big boxing fan too. Mayweather and Betnard Hopkins are my fav. current day boxers while my fav. old schools are, Ali, Tyson, Holyfield and De La Hoya.

I'm also a big Pro Wrestling fan too, been a fan since the mid 90's also. WCW was my first love then WWF until WCW started stinking up the joint, me along with everybody else started to cleave onto RAW IS WAR and the Austin Mcmahon fued. I've been a fan evet since.

My fav. WCW guys though were cats like. Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Macho Man(NWO) DDP, Sting, Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Raven, Roddy Pipper, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko. I loved and still do, WCW I always thought they were better then the WWF. From the graphics, the stages the rings, the lightings, the music, The fans. overall it was a better product.

WWF though my fav. guys were cats like Austin, Kane, Underaker, The Rock, DX, Jeff Jarrett, D.Lo Brown, Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, The Brood, The Hardys. Farooq

Those were the good ol days, now its kind of whack. I still watch but it's just like whatever, some shows are good but the baf outweighs the good these days. And PG really is not the problem, it's the product. WCW was PG and kick *** night in and night out for 2 years straight.

Some cats are cool though, The Shield are good, Daniel Bryan, The Wyatts, Brock Lesnar(whenever he shows up) C.M. Punk. Batista(when he returns) Mark Henry(when hes in the title hunt) The Big Show(gets better with age seemingly) & Cena(even though most hate him, I don't hate him) hes cool with me, a little stale though and his dress style is horrible and hella corny.
Thats about it though. Everybody else are not very good, the mid carders are awful and creative gives them nothing of interest to get involved in.
Bakersfield, Ca
Music, Women, Sports & T.v.


I'm excited about Kings basketball again!


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