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    I think I'm ****ing dying. I got the flu or some ****. I feel like I took 300 body blows from Mike Tyson. On top of it, I gave up smoking so I'm also pissy as ****. lol. FML.
  2. I'm the same. Basketball was my game. I used to watch everything basketball. I miss playing. The college game is so pure. They keep it a team game, and it's just about putting the ball into the hoop more than the other guys. I need to start watching more really.
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    I still watch a ton of college basketball. I try and watch maybe 2 games a week during the year, then I watch all the conf tourneys I can then obviously MM. It's my fav sport after the NFL honestly, as much as I love college. I used to live and breathe basketball growing up, playing it. As much as I love the NFL I never was near as fond of the sport. NCAA gives m the feeling of basketball I used to have. The NBA doesn't.
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    Yuppppppp. They basically molded it into like a....TV series. It's crap. I hate it. There's so many reasons but that's a big part of it. I used to watch religiously and I never even had a team, this was almost 10 years ago though.
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    Also, I ****ing hate the NBA. I hope it's a government program of some sort. They attract all the stupidest simple minded people into the best sport for stupid simple minded people then offer them all free game tickets on the same night and they commit mass NBA fan genocide.

    (I hope you are not an NBA fan)
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    I went well over a year and then I told some guy "go back to the NBA forum with the rest of the cavemen" for saying Belichick would be bagging groceries if it weren't for Brady. Yet the guy has also made 2 "brady sucks" threads.

    A statement I still stand by.
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    They gave up warning me ages ago. I actually got an infraction once for it. I was *****ing about that Kony 2012 whatever **** and how all these *******s buy a T shirt and think they're Mother ****ing Theresa and I guess I pissed all these mods off cuz they were like "down fer the cause" after they liked it on Facebook.
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    How long until we're warned for going off topic
  9. We are doing are usual QB complaining. We would ***** if Manning was on our team doing what he's doing this year for us. It's what we do. I'm guilty of it too, but QBs are so easy to couch critique. In the end, if we win I don't care.

    Your D has been pretty solid outside of week 1. They shouldn't ***** too much.

    Although I'm as bummed as any GB fan about Cobb. I have him on both of my fantasy teams. It's going to hurt. I'm sure Rodgers will just find another toy to play with though,.
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    Lol. Packer fans are a riot this week. My God.

    I noted that with Nick Perry and Clay Matthews out we still had 2nd rounder Mike Neal who has played well because some dude said we only had UDFA rookies.

    Guy goes on a tear about how I spend every minute on PSD looking for attention yada yada.

    Such a riot when someone gets called out for being wrong or overly negative and they have to instantly make me to be the freaking Anti Christ.

    How's the 49ers forum doing since you're also not undefeated lol
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