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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Today, 01:21 AM
    I've never understood why urinals exist. If there are 10 bathrooms and five are urinals, then 6 people have to ****; well someone might ****...
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  • papipapsmanny's Avatar
    Today, 12:04 AM
    I'd like to throw in that somehow history shows You, me, and bags somehow create 3 sided arguments. This place has slowed for sure though
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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    Trump probably needs one more wife, so I'm sure that this will happen.
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  • bagwell368's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:23 PM
    An 18 year old has to prove he's a leader/winner by overcoming a poor coach and jealousy/chemistry? Ball is about 8 months older and Jackson 16...
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  • Green_Monster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 PM
    I would've done that. It was reported that the Pacers wanted three pieces from that group though (plus the '17 Nets pick), not two. Edit: Looks...
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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    But I actually came in to ask if anyone has seen Donnie. His assignment "How to defeat ISIS" is past due and I'm docking him 10% off his grade each...
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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:39 PM
    So we're back to you are ok excluding press you disagree with but want to post complaints about how "Obama did it" as though it justifies Trump's....
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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    I'm skeptical to trust people on what sources are the most trusted when I question their very media literacy. I mean I shouldn't have to provide...
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  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:59 PM
    So it sounds like you're ok with it when you disagree with the press being kept out and only upset when the press you agree with is kept out. It's...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    Fine. That's not good. Not sure you can say it came from Obama, but whatever. No bueno. Give everyone access to everyone. Doesn't make this...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:15 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    I'm fine with this post, and it once again proves that you have the ability to think with an open mind. But read up on it. Obama himself never...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:10 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    Honestly, who gives a ****? My God. It was truthful. Change your diaper. Anyways, Spicer admits in the press briefing that they aren't there...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:59 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    It was absolutely an off-camera press briefing (a "gaggle"), and they were absolutely barred. I'm missing the misleading part here. Those news...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:56 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    They're referencing an incident involving a "Pay Czar" interview in 2009. The Treasury Department (not Obama, as originally reported) did not allow...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:43 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Immigration Duscussion in Politics
    I think some thread specificity is good. Everything seems to be getting lumped into two mega threads. I'll share my thoughts when it's not 4:45...
    10 replies | 117 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:28 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    There's no precedent from any of the prior 4 administrations for blocking outlets from these gaggles. I mean, at the very least, allowing...
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  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:22 PM
    Y'all see Marco Rubio caught in a Florida hotel after stating that he was overseas (which he was, but not for as long as he originally said) in an...
    1526 replies | 67070 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:53 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    I don't really ever know which thread is best to post things these days... But the White House has blocked CNN, the NYT, LA Times, BuzzFeed and...
    1747 replies | 28934 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:50 PM
    Tom's never done the "I'm the best" stuff. I don't think it's because he's truly humble, I think it's just the mindset/Belichickian approach. I don't...
    379 replies | 9001 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:45 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Donald Trump vs Marijuana in Politics
    The gateway drug argument does nothing for me anymore. Even if it were truly just that, who the hell cares? Why are we as a government telling people...
    75 replies | 834 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:37 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    Yeah. He's definitely FNK 2.0. He makes me appreciate Johnny a hell of a lot more. We had such good reason to go into Iraq that the Bush...
    1747 replies | 28934 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:30 PM
    I think it's too early and not worth worrying about now. If they land a top-PG I don't think that means they have to move IT. Like you said, with all...
    45 replies | 794 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:23 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread Trump's First 100 Days in Politics
    I'm interested in what Trump says at CPAC. Allegedly he wants it to be a memorable speech with a part of it being momentous enough to be remembered...
    1747 replies | 28934 view(s)
  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    I think that it will be good. They dominated the tag team division for a year and a half and while it was great for all three of them and WWE has...
    4 replies | 51 view(s)
  • celticsman2009's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:51 PM
    Even though I'm ok not breaking the bank at the trade deadline, and listening to Danny this morning, the FO has become soft. They have overvauled...
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  • celticsman2009's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:42 PM
    Lol. He also thinks Hield is going to win ROY. Does he know who Embiid is?
    89 replies | 2815 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:34 PM
    ManRam replied to a thread WTF Did Donald Say Now? in Politics
    I think this attack is mostly just Bannon-influenced. A lot of Trump's own people have said they disagree with his stance on the media (to varying...
    3116 replies | 63136 view(s)
  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:28 PM
    I wouldn't argue with him that almost everyone will say it's a gateway drug. They will...because they took DARE in elementary school or some...
    75 replies | 834 view(s)
  • ManRam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:16 PM
    Another absolute corker of an episode. :clap:
    33 replies | 1466 view(s)
  • dbroncos78087's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:05 PM
    You look at the source and find out where they got their numbers. In college, we were given several resources and while these aren't the exact ones...
    3116 replies | 63136 view(s)
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    True, and i think that all of them are pretty well insulated. For proof on NPR's behalf, it doesnt go conservative when a Republican congress or president step into the picture.
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    I almost typed "held hostage", but i went back and took it out.

    I read this and thought "well maybe state funded media isnt all bad". BBC and al-Jazerra are both great news organizations.
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    We could do other things after that, but im going to get those middle and lower class tax cuts permanent so they cant be held up by the rich extensions or the rich ending.
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    If i were him, i would have the Senate introduce a bill that permanently lowered the middle class tax cuts and extends the payroll tax relief. I would not include anything else so they can say "well i like that, but i dont like this little thing".
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    Actually the stimulus barely passed in both houses. I agree he could have and should have done a lot of those things, but it wasnt as easy as people make it seem. Obama didnt just run over the house and senate as people like to pretend.
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    He is losing the battle with Grover Norquist. He wont put anything out there, i dont know why. He is finally putting something out there in September, but i absolutely bet it will be watered down. He doesnt get the art of negotiation. I tell my brother, when we play a game involving trade that i never make an offer that i would accept if i were on the other side. You start to your side and work to the middle as opposed to starting in the middle and moving away from what you want.
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    Very true. He needs to come out boldly as soon as he gets back (for the record i think that he is entitled to a vacation) and say "this is what we need to do". He needs to push for that payroll tax holiday, he needs to push for a bill to make the middle class tax cuts permanent, and he needs to push for a way to fix our crumbling infrastructure. If he raised the top rates to their old location or added the new bracket as i want then he could pay for the infrastructure program.
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    I also applied for a "Undersecretary of University Services for Information Technology" position in the Student Government.

    But that is just sad. 7% of people dont care between Obama and Bachmann. For all the complaints about Obama, that anyone would consider voting for her that isnt a card carrying clan member or fresh out of a mental institution scares the living daylights out of me.
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    I thought that i worked out a great tax compromise with Corral.
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    There are some issues that if the parties would come together on we would be much better off.
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