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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:47 PM
    I think it's good for the extremes. If you totally suck on PFF then most likely you aren't very good. Maybe you're not actually that bad but it's...
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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 PM
    Yeah teams offer good assets for good players. He put his players on the trading block and took the best draft pick offered. If you're owner gave...
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  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    LaMarr Woodleys fat ***. But for reals there's a laundry list of second rounders for years.
    32 replies | 672 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Simulation: Trade 144: CLE - HOU in Player Trades
    Coples makes $76 million ?!?
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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:53 PM
    PHI GM doesn't deserve any credit at all for what he's done so far. The kudos should go to the owner for authorizing it. It doesn't take any skill...
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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:36 PM
    I don't think NO will "let him go" but they aren't in the best shape cap-wise which means they can only go so-far with him.
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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    I'm not expecting McCourty back in NE because his back-up, Duron Harmon, is a pretty solid player. He's not going to be elite like McCourty, but he...
    102 replies | 2814 view(s)
  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:07 PM
    Fans of all the teams that laugh at Pats fans when we call him elite and tell us PFF rankings are stupid
    102 replies | 2814 view(s)
  • j11430's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:07 PM
    j11430 replied to a thread Athlete and the QB position? in NFL
    What happened with RGIII is a perfect example of why you can't rely on a qb's athleticism primarily. You don't want your most important player taking...
    57 replies | 514 view(s)
  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    According to Mike Loyko's twitter feedů Hartline is willing to take a discount to play with Brady, we've already made a preliminary offer to him, and...
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  • hugepatsfan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:47 PM
    Breaks my heart but it had to happen. You never really know celebrities/athletes but as far as you can, Wilfork is probably one of the nicest human...
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  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:43 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Famous Jamous in NFL Draft
    Lawrence Timmons much?
    132 replies | 1981 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:14 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Famous Jamous in NFL Draft
    Not really. He was considered a mid rounder and barely hung on as a practice squad player with the Steelers.
    132 replies | 1981 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:58 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Draft Comparison Game in NFL Draft
    I'm telling you in style of play with inside, outside, burst, pass catching, and needing work on pass pro, I think what Ray Rice was at his best is...
    62 replies | 1500 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:55 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Famous Jamous in NFL Draft
    Myron Rolle is trash as a football player though...
    132 replies | 1981 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:49 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread NFL Needs A Max Salary? in NFL
    Yup. Guaranteeing contracts would naturally put out there a "max deal" in a way. Many FA's (young ones) are paid on potential, not what they have...
    15 replies | 247 view(s)
  • Polamalu43322's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:13 PM
    Wish he'd sign a new deal with us 1 year at a low price, and split time with Thomas. I know we can work something out, question is, does Troy...
    257 replies | 7659 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:12 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Simulation: Pre Lounge 1 in PSD NFL Mock Offseason
    I was thinking 12 noon it gots to first come first serve til 12 midnight and then shop closes.
    1082 replies | 21999 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:42 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Famous Jamous in NFL Draft
    Wait athletes get preferential treatment when it comes to academics? Color me shocked!! Blah I know stories from the 70's in D1 athletics with a...
    132 replies | 1981 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:37 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Simulation: Pre Lounge 1 in PSD NFL Mock Offseason
    Neither do I. I think next year a scheduled 12 hour "instasign" window could be in place right at the end. UDFAs only. Because you are right. These...
    1082 replies | 21999 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:28 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Simulation: Pre Lounge 1 in PSD NFL Mock Offseason
    Don't even need that long TBH. If they all signed in the next hour, you got plenty of time before the close tonight to do that. Of course it would...
    1082 replies | 21999 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:18 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Simulation: Pre Lounge 1 in PSD NFL Mock Offseason
    I got the one UDFA I wanted. Also happy with where my team sits. There will be a lot of DQ'd teams by my estimation based on roster numbers in...
    1082 replies | 21999 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:13 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Offseason News thread in NFL
    BTH not surprised at all on this one.
    384 replies | 11229 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:12 PM
    warfelg replied to a thread Famous Jamous in NFL Draft
    Classroom smarts =\= Football IQ. Anyways he's done some really stupid things you can't ignore.
    132 replies | 1981 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:37 AM
    Darnell Dockett signed a 2 year $7.5 mil deal with SF.
    102 replies | 2814 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:45 AM
    warfelg replied to a thread Did they do him Dirty? in NFL
    I have no problems. Like I said elsewhere, in the string of moves since last year with DJax, Cole, Herrimans, Williams, Shady....Shady is the only...
    65 replies | 1388 view(s)
  • PatsSoxKnicks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:59 AM
    PatsSoxKnicks posted a visitor message on Chronz's profile
    Idk, forgot their names already lol, plus they didn't give me any contact info. Would have to look it up in the Sloan booklet. One of them used to be...
  • warfelg's Avatar
    03-04-2015, 10:17 PM
    Yes and no. Because in a way money talks. There's only one questionable move in all of it and it's trading Shady. Cole: I love him but he is a 10...
    271 replies | 9797 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    03-04-2015, 10:13 PM
    I also never said he's a for sure starter. I think he would beat out Manuel, who I had high hopes on. But Manuel looks lost at times. Cassel may not...
    41 replies | 1231 view(s)
  • warfelg's Avatar
    03-04-2015, 09:58 PM
    Look who you're talking to. Honestly, value wise to get number one, Philly needs to give a 2015 1, 2015 2, 2016 1, 2016 2, 2017 2. And that's...
    271 replies | 9797 view(s)
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    Yea you pretty much hit on what I skip because when you say that to most people they ignore it. Amazing how many people claim he "didn't dominate". How many other RBs have 6 straight 1,000 yard seasons. Especially when you realize 4 of them came with Tomczak at QB. Man did Tomczak. I think there was once where they played the Oilers and the HC, I think Fishers second season, claimed to have 10 in the box and Bettis still got 155 and 2 TDs on 18 carries.
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    care to respond to this nonsense?
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    Its his pattern. Give him two or three days and he comes back with a whole new argument. He did the same before this draft when he said none of our tackles were under contract and I proved him wrong. Then he came back with neither T is a "name player" so we had to take one.

    Best part is when I told him the Dolphins would take an OT even after getting Albert and he *****ed and moaned about it.
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    Thought you would find it funny.
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    am I right?
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    whooligun is the worst man. You think I'm annoying, that dude's always complaining to the nth degree about something.

    We did a mock draft this year and I told him he couldn't trade AP in it and he yelled about it for like 3 weeks. lol

    Dude is uneven.

    He didn't know Heath, he googled stats, he got caught, he wouldn't admit it.

    Case closed.
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    So I want Carson Palmer in Mock, what is price?
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    Draft at 1030 new rosters since we only have 8 teams so check it out
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    Yo our league didnt get back together so I'm doing a Steele slash wrestling forum on pm your email if you want In
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