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    yeah, I have seen stupid people try to defend stuff, or say it is alright (steelers)...

    no it isn't..LOL! is what it is...but I have considered something, that you may think is insane....losing to the browns, on the skid we have, may be a blessing for us...I know--I am nuts--but let's consider something...

    what if---steelers had won out, starting with browns, and made playoffs or came close....then, many changes, that I wish--may not happen...this loss here prevents that....

    I saw this in 2003...and i complained about our offense in the year we won SB..I shut up, cause we started having some success, but I was *****ing hard about lack of run, and the effects of this...from everything to sacks,to time of possesion, to number of snaps a defense has to do, ect....

    see in 2003, steelers tried to become a passing team....both hines ward, and plaxico buress both had over 1000 yards apiece catching yardage...unheard of stats for steelers Wrs since cowher came to power...

    resulting record? we returned to the heavy run concept...but added ben, because of that 6-10 season...we had better results with ben trying it last year--but our defense, with its injuries (aaron smith,troy polamlu) and to be honest age, cannot hold up...the defense needs help, basically the run concept to protect it, limit the snaps and time played...

    the offensive scheme tried this year, has blown up in their faces, once all thje defenders got nicked up, and the season wore on..that is my best summation of why the 6-2 to the 6-7 fall...

    Obviously, steelers are better than KC,browns,oak, and chi......I don;'t think, many would disagree with that notion, that even though they won, steelers should have won those games...

    It is true, that no team has beat the steelers by mor than 7 points, and 5 of those 7 was 3 points..that is true, what he said there....but great teams, win those games....playoff teams win close games,bad teams don't...that is why the bengals have what the steelers don't right now...and why they deserve it, and we don't...

    Of course steelers aren't as bad as their record indicates..I am not jumping ship..but I am not going to make excuses for them either...their is alot of wrong things going on for them...mostly, is their offensive concepts, that do not work in bad weather, and cannot move the ball, even against one win teams....

    I hope, that tomlin gets a big whiff of this..In truth, he has not faced failure yet, and has benefitted from inheriting a SB caliber team...he has rode on the backs of the other coaches and drafts that preceded him...Now, we get to see him deal with failure...I hope, he remembers his own words, that probably landed him this job...something like this here..

    " I believe in running the ball, and stopping the run, and playing tough defense"

    if he is smart enough to return to square one, and retool all strategy, then we can be fine..but as long as they draft extremely heavy and large Olinemen built for run blocking, and ask them to be pass blockers--then we will continue down this road....

    sorry so long (as always), but i thought I would share those thoughts with you..I honestly gave up all thoguths of playoffs (playoffs?--are ya kidding me,playoffs?) after the ravens loss, due to the bad afc conference record steelers had (all losses but one was afc)...I knew back then 2 losses ago--probability was high for a win/loss tie with a 9-7 record, so playoffs was over 2 losses ago...I laughed that whole game, as the announcers tried in vain to add that the steelers was facing elimination from playoff chances..

    All that talk was nothing more, that announcers adding in drama, to keep people watching while commericals ran, thinking steelers had a chance...steelers chances was gone 2 losses the loss to the browns wasn't a lost playoff chance...we lost that when the ravens beat was over, right then...

    So that wasn't upsetting to me,losing to the browns...considering the real situation,I kinda hope they lose out..a 6-10 record last time produced a star at maybe we can get an impact player again...not good for steelers fans, but it is alright....hopefully this lights a fire under all players, and coaches...and lets them fully understand, that the differance between good teams, and bad ones is very small....I have been preaching that for years, and for months to you, and the you get to see that in person, and by my favorite team, the defending champs falling hard...

    all it takes, is a few little things adding up, to make it possible for any team to beat you....
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    and jack (fred) has put me on a suicide watch....LOL!
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    brother, I have to enlighten you to a concept.....a simple one too...noone, I mean no one, can predict injuries....

    flacco career can be over with one hit, the very next game, first snap...

    many other Qbs, who had tremendous potential, that you never heard of, had careers end in their rookie season....with tremendous upside, and potential, that was never tapped..

    I understand where you are coming from....but---look at favre...he has taken more hits than any qb in history, and is still playing....avg career for a nfl player is 3 years, and that is a fact..

    every down every QB plays, can be his last.....and that goes for every one of them....and nobody can forecast something unknown or a variable...

    I don't care if ben is the most sacked QB in history...90% of them he is set down easy anyway...or just pulled down...

    now having ended that rant.....we just lost to the ****ing browns..LOL!...

    I may have to change lowered expectations to no expectations, or losing expectations..but honestly, I gave up hope 3 games ago....I even said to you all we can do now is spoiler role...looks like we can't even do that anymore...

    so take off all steeler players and coaches from the roster thing...cause they haven't done their job this year, at all....the worst defending SB champs is what we are about to become, only the giants have been worse so far, and I think we may pass them...

    but--hey, we get a better draft spot with that loss....I mean seriously, if you aren't going to win a SB, then lose badly and help your team out...
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    We should really have the best line in the NFL... 2 of our last 3 first rounders were linemen, we signed Matt Birk, and yet Flacco was running for his effing life out there in Lambeau. Take that performance, then watch the Colts game. You know what our tackles did to Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis? Niether of them had any tackles, any sacks, any QB hits, or even any pressures.----------------------------------------------------I have to admit, that I don't know about the colts game, and oline pressure...but I take you word opn it....yeah, I wondered if he just had a bad game....sounds like that was it...

    that in all honesty, is the only game where I have studied the ravens oline closely, and watched how ray rice was being covered...I didn't watch nothing else but thiose 2 things...I guess that was a bad representation of the line.....pit got to flacco too some, now i did watch that game, but from a steeler defense perspective, plenty of QB pressures...I think 2-3 sacks wasn't it?

    Oher looks pretty good from what I saw..birk is a smart player, and rarely gets beat ever....interior guards had a pretty bad game at lambeau, but they really came at flacco hard..

    you also have to remember for any team---it isn't just the oline...or is50% of the playcall on offense made, when they are blitzed...if a team catches a play that takes time, and gets through,then all hell breaks loose...

    so your o coodinator plays a huge role in calling plays to offset blitzes...wr/te/rb screens are awesome tools to stop are misdirection runs....

    those last 2 reasons (and lack of) is one of the main reasons ben gets sacked so much....seriously, how many plays do you see him take, that are 3 or 5 steop drops and fire the ball fast......maybe 10%..

    thats why teams blitz them so much, and he gets sacked so much....not just the line...but the plays called against the blitzes...and steelers inability or disreguard for playcalling against it with a shorter time based system...

    so that performance could be only--calling the right defense, agaimnst the plays you had running...nothing I guess I am taking up for grubbs a bit....but I do believe in this concept 100%, and as a steeler fan facing all the sack questions all the time, I can say that it is true...

    steelers actually want the blitz, cause they wish to exploit the single coverages..that is the only conclusion I can make, for the way they playcall and pass..and are willing to take 5-6 sacks if needed to exploit it...

    and I personally don't like it..I think arians (steel o cood) should be using the blitz and exploiting the short game more often....more first down plays, insteqad of only big chunks...

    OK OK..LOL!--I'll shut up now..but thanks for your thoughts and view on that..
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    I didn't notice it at first. That is funny. I would love to know what he said to the ref.
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    Nice view. I hope I get to see a similar seen 2 or 3 more times.
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    detroit lions
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    that below is a honest question, with me being honest bro, not being see all the games, while I only see a few of them...I know you saw the game, and you had to hear the commentators speak about him..

    so give it to me straight--is that homer pick?--or did he just have a bad game?---sometimes olinemen do, I understand that..sometimes they have too tough a matchup, and Raji is a tough matchup....

    so basically, I am asking your thoughts on grubbs, and his monday night performance?
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    on the roster.....take out grubbs....especially after his monday night performance....he should buy flacco dinner all week, and i am sure the commentators on monday night football making comments on him several times that game didnt' make him feel better...BJ Raji had his best game all year against that guy...and flacco had pressure in his face due to just one dude..guess who?...

    one fails, they all fail....and from what I saw, the others pretty much did their job...

    Don;t be mad at this, or anything like of your line looks pretty good, I just wasn't impressed by fact, IMO--he looked like he didn't belong with the others...they are better than him...

    am I wrong to say that?--or did he just have a bad game?..I mean, the commentators singled him out too...Oher did a pretty good job IMO, especially for a rookie--I mostly watched him....but the rewinds on pressure and sacks, always seemed to be on grubbs messing up, or getting moved by raji or someone else...
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    aye bro, i just hit 100 posts.. you think you could make me a sig now? maybe something with Verlander/Porcello or Levy/Delmas?
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