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    I don't use my Facebook either. In my circle. It's brag book. Or they post pictures of me drunk for my family lol
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    You saw me try and get him going with that comment didn't you?

    He's lucky he didn't reply. I was about to tear him a new one.

    I kind of sort of remember the picture now. Sort of. It's not like I threw it in the spank bank, I think you'd be glad i don't remember LOL.

    I guess I should have walked from that thread from the start but I just get annoyed when people spew some stupid garbage. Yes, is there a movement to an extent to help bigger sized people not feel so bad about themselves. SURE. Is that pure evil? NO. Okay "der just eat less." Yeah, shut up clown. I don't like that guy as it is.

    Any of us could be in a lot better shape than we are. We all have bad habits. Etc etc. But once we get on the internet it's open season on everyone.

    It's why social media is so disgusting too. All people want to do is complain, troll, and **** on everyone. People are pretty ******. It's sad. Especially when they're behind a kb and they can't be connected back to their comments.
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    lol, IDK what she's like as a person, jsut saw a few pics.. The plus size stuff was just insane. then fingerbang going on and on like it's a global conspiracy of fat people to accept them. OMG NO THEY WANT YOU TO ACCEPT SOMEONE BEING OVER WEIGHT. HOW ****ING DARE THEY. WHAT KIND OF EVIL IS THIS. SOON THEY WILL WANT YOU TO LET PEOPLE DO AS THEY PLEASE WITH THEIR OWN BODIES!!!!!!!!!! omg......what's next? Allowing people to consent to relationships without your permission? To go in public without asking you first and even picking their own clothes. omg. the global fat people conspiracy will soon take over.

    People are ****ing dumb. Let people do as they want to and shut up. Yes, is this a marketing gimmick. Sure. So is Joe Camel. That skinny girl that sells beer in commercials. Rob Lowe. And cartoons that sell cereal. WHO GIVES A ****.
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    I have but I don't remember it, TBH lol.

    I remember that I saw two users in one day but that's it. If you were hideous I would remember lmao.

    Yeah there's all sorts of articles about trolls. It's pretty crazy some of it. Hell I'm probably ****ed. IRL I'm the nicest guy, I never really get too worked up, though I don't on here either, that's just my tone sounds like it. Either way yelling at idiots on here is probably an outlet for some agression or something lol.
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    I think he likes the attention.

    This isn't really directed at him but I think a lot of these people, after all my Psych education (bragging?) who use the internet for stuff like that are generally.......well. ****ed. And it's some way to scratch some sort of itch. Not enough attention, pretending they're better than they are with women or their standards.

    I've seen lots of pictures of people on this website. I've yet to be impressed with any. I'm also an ugly mofo. I don't really trust guys talking like their standards are above even chicks like that. And if they are they sit in their room and jerk to hentai and play Warcraft.

    I don't really trust anyone on the internet these days. It's all trolls and people with some -osis trying to be someone they aren't.

    Maybe I'm just old and jaded anymore lol

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    That guy is a troll right?
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    Head Coach: Mike McCarthy
    Assistant Head Coach: Winston Moss
    Associate Head Coach: Tom Clements
    Co Head Coach: Dom Capers
    Assistant to the Head Coach: Darren Perry
    Associate to the Head Coach: James Campen
    Co Assistant to the Head Coach: okay you get it
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    There's so many assumptions.

    A. McCarthy was forced to do this.
    B. Clements will be better and less conservative.
    C. Hell, that this report is even true
    D. That this leaking means we're not doing anything on defense.
    E. There was something else i forgot. It's hilarious.

    I shouldn't have replied to Sticky though, hes going to come unglued, he always does if I reply toh im.
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    I hadn't reported since I got back until someone told my favorite poster in the main last nigth he was a dumbass. I figured that was worth one lol.

    But yeah, he didn't just quote me. He would jsut flat out PM me, "let's talk" "bury the hatchet?"

    IMO, I don't think he wanted to but if I never quote him bc he's on ignore, I'll never snap at him, and he can never accomplish his goal of getting me permad. I don't want him to ahve that gratification when everyone knows he's the problem. Not the guys he's getitng banned.
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