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  1. Aight i appreciate the info dude.
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    editing a highlight reel would take wayyyyyyy to much time, espically since im just working with photoshop. theres lots of GIF's out there, just goggle vince young highlight gif or soemthing.
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    Wow. I'm with you on the Native American thing. Tourettes compared to a hundreds year long cycle of poverty & ignorance? No comparison. People pulling the race-card sucks. Especially when there are people that are victims of racism: black, white, brown or whatever. That's a shame.

    On everything else poverty creates these statistics, not genetics. You're an educated, albeit frustrated guy & should know this. In European nations where there are almost no blacks I'm sure the dominant number of people in prison are from specific groups. Groups that have consistently been the least represented & most consistently poor of that country.

    I know you're not going to change what you believe. It is what it is. We don't know each other from a brick in a wall but I hope you ease up a bit. Not all blacks/whites/asians or whatever should be put in any box. Good people are good people. Unfortunately this world has more jerks in it than not. Sorry to keep this thing going. Take care dude.
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    Re:Your Vick post (this is not an "insult" message at all)

    I wanted to go ballistic on you, but I won't. It's not a "black thing". It's more about these great athletes growing up in poverty & serious crime like murder happening all around them. Most never have to really mature because as gifted athletes they're given everything by the schools they go to. Most don't learn how to become fine young men in college because the schools just want their thoroughbreds to run & win. They let them get away with everything because of that. Then they go pro & get rich. Imagine never having sh@t & then being a millionaire. What would you do with yourself? Hang out with the same friends (now opportunists & yes-men) you always have. Until you mess up, the music stops & you're left holding the bag (ex. Vick's friends "snitching" on him, giving him up without hesitation). Be smart. It's not genetics. Ask Matt Jones.

    I only respond to you because you don't sound like a racist person. I'm not excusing these idiots behavior either. I'm trying to get you to understand why some of these guys decision making process is warped. You maybe just don't get it. I have friends from many backgrounds that don't get certain things about each other. That's why people talk & just don't jump down each others throats. Maybe I'm taking this posting crap waaay too seriously? Lol. Damn.Take care.
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    Hey dude! PM me when you get a chance? I'm also in Houston as well. Take care bro!
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