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    I'll re-share that post with you as well then.

    So I took some time, what would King Felix (13-12) W-L record be if he was in New York, with their offense, instead of in Seattle...

    So I decided to do it

    April 5th - exits with 2 outs in the 7th, Yankees were off, so I will give it to their result on the next day....King Felix would have gotten a no decision, just like he did in real life
    April 10th - Yankees score 10, and Felix pitches 7, allowing 3, 2 earned...he would have had a win, instead of a no decision (1-0)
    April 16th - Felix exits in the 7th, having allowed 2, Yankees score 5, all before the 6th, he got the win in real life, and would have if on the Yankees (2-0)
    April 21st - Felix goes a full nine, allowing one unearned run, Yankees score 3, he would have gotten the win in New York, as he did in Seattle (3-0)
    April 26th - Felix goes 7, allowing 3, 2 earned. The Mariners lose this one 3-1, but the Yankees, who were off on the 26th, played on the 27th, scored 4, but 2 in the ninth, he would have had a no decision, instead of a loss (3-0), instead of (2-1)
    May 1st - exits with one out in the 5th, Mariners lose, Felix having allowed 5 earned. Yankees scored 6, through the 6th, he would have had a no decision, instead of a loss.
    May 7th - 3.1 allowing 7, you would think, loss, but the Yankees actually score 10, all by the 6th, instead of a loss, he would have had a no decision, while the King is 2-3 in Seattle, he would be 3-0 in New York
    May 13th - Felix allows 1 in 7 innings, the Yankees actually only get 4 hits off the Tigers, so the first no decision that Felix did get, he would have gotten a loss in New York (3-1)
    May 18th - 3 earned in 6 innings, the Yankees had 5 runs through 5 innings, and scored another in the 9th, assuming a pen could have kept the lead, he would have gotten a win, instead of a no decision, the M's did lose this game though, but the pen allowed 3 runs...I am giving him a win, because he likely would have gotten that win in New York (4-1)
    May 23rd - Having allowed 3 runs, 2 earned in 7 innings, the M's get a loss that the Yankees scored 3 in the 9th to come back to win. He would have had a no decision in New York (4-1) instead of (2-4) life in Seattle.
    May 29th - 8 innings, 1 earned, no decision, Yankees score 11. He would be (5-1)
    June 3rd - 8 innings, 1 earned again, a win in Seattle, Would also be a win in New York (6-1)
    June 8th - 6 innings, 7 earned, ouch. A loss in Seattle, would actually get him a win in New York (7-1) where they scored 12!
    June 13th - exits with 2 outs in the ninth allowing 2 runs. Yankees score 9, (8-1) A win in both New York and Seattle
    June 19th - 9 inning CG, 1 run allowed, Yankees score 5, a win in both Seattle and in New York (9-1) that is right, if he was in New York...he would now be 9-1 not, 5-5!
    June 24th - 9 innings, 2 runs, and his M's lose 3-2 in 10 innings. The Yankees score 6, so instead of a no decision, he gets his 10th win.
    June 30th - 9 inning, 2 hit shut out, he actually is the one that shut out the Yankees I can't claim it as a win or a loss...he gets a no decision for shutting himself out haha...he is about to face himself again on July 10th
    July 5th - 7 innings, and 2 runs, in a no decision. 3 runs by the Yankees, last one scored in the 6th, he would have gotten the win. (11-1)
    July 10th - another no decision for throwing a complete game against himself haha
    July 16th - 3 runs in 8 innings, and he got the loss. Yankees scored 5, this loss would have been a 12th win. (12-1)
    July 21st - 8 innings, not allowing a run, even though he got a no decision in Seattle, and the Yankees would have scored him 10 runs...making him (13-1) not (7-6)
    July 26th - 7 innings, allowed 4, 2 earned. Yanks scored 3, this would be his second loss (13-2)
    July 31st - 7 innings, 3 earned. Yanks managed 5 runs, and he would have gotten a win, not a loss, now (14-2)
    August 5th - 7 innings, 2 earned. Yankees scored 3 on the 6th (off on the 5th), all by the 7th. He would have gotten a win, not a no decision (15-2)
    August 10th - 8 shut out innings. Yanks scored 3, he would be (16-2)
    August 15th - exits with 2 outs in the 7th, allowing 6 runs. Yankees were shut out, he would be (16-3)
    August 20th - facing himself, 8 innings, shut decision (16-3)
    August 25th - 7.1 IP, 2 runs, 1 earned. Yankees scored 3 but 1 in the ninth, so a no decision, even though the Yanks win (16-3)
    August 31st - 7 shut out innings, 3 hits, Yanks score 9, he would be (17-3)
    Sept 5 - 8 shut out innings, 3 runs by the Yanks (18-3)
    Sept 11 - 6.1 IP, 7 runs, 3 earned. Yanks score 6, he would have gotten the loss (18-4)
    Sept 17 - 8 innings, 1 earned, as he will in his next 3 starts. of which he would have won all 3.
    Sept 23 and 28, the same as the above.

    Now check my math, I think it was right, although, it could probably stand to be corrected, I did this quickly. If King Felix pitched with the Yankees offense this season, dependent of wind, weather, and bullpens (although, he did get ND's because of the Yankees pen after he left). We are talking about a 21-4 good pitcher. Not 13-12

    Now he also beat the Yankees 3 times, pretty badly. Should we also give him those 3 wins? Because I just gave him ND's....and those were 3 of his 13 wins that year. So he could literally be 24-4! important are wins and loses for the cy young?

    they shouldn't be at all.
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    I actually really liked AI, but I just thought he became overrated the more I looked into it. Its interesting. The same thing that is happening to Rose is what happened to AI. A top defense with no clear cut #2 option on the offensive side, is leading to the general fan totally overrating Rose.

    Patterns recycle. Interesting
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    Hey dude, no offense in the Rose thread, I simply don't want to go into another AI debate with Iverson fan boys. I usually agree spot on with your posts, but you missing on Eric Snow was just going to lead my into another tangent I didn't feel was necessary to the thread


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    you need to start posting no my blog man...for reals
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    Screw you douche!!!!
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