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    You're really bouncing all over the place with your reasoning here lol. I voted for you in the SB because I'm trying to get you back right? You're lacking so much logic here in piecing together simple linear reasoning that it's genuinely mind boggling. I cant tell if you're trolling or stupid

    Its good that you dont really care what I think of you, because I've really lost any respect I might have had. I wasn't trying to bother you... was hoping someone I thought had maybe moderate levels of intelligence would come to the senses I thought they had in how absolutely ridiculous they were being.

    Maybe you having been thru this crap too many times on PSD is your own doing...
  2. No, the basis is I think you were mad that I didn't view your team the way you wanted and then you decided to use the pull you know you have to get me back.

    As far as the second part, I don't really care what you think of me personally, hence me not really wanting to reply to any of these or when you rant and rave in the voting. It is what it is.

    It's probably best we part ways now and stop having this conversation, I'm sort of tired of listening to you vent all over me. You might think it will bother me in some way, but it just won't. I've been through this type of crap on PSD too many times.
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    Its also borderline sociopathic to act like you're some innocent bystander who doesn't care. VMing every1 how I'm out to get you, ranting about me being out to get you in both matchups I voted on, going on a rant in a matchup completely other than your own... stop. Your opinion is about something that is completely black/white from my perspective and flat out 100% wrong. Can you not understand thats why I take such issue with all of this?

    I can partially rationalize your perspective that I'm out to get you (again, 100% false and genuinely pathetic from where I'm sitting), but I take massive issue with your movement to invalidate my logic and reasoning without some of your own simply to help make your team look better and devalue any of the time, thought, and effort I put into the matchups. Again, I have no respect for the politics of this.
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    So the basis of the entire issue here is that I cant have or publicize an opinion because I'm too influential? Thats cool. Do you not see the irony of this dichotomy? I either don't provide my reasoning for my opinions and am considered extremely biased and never willing to reason my opinions or listen to others', or I provide my reasoning (which is always going to be thorough and in depth) and am accused of attacking people, arguing, being mad, and acting like only my opinion matters. There is absolutely nothing I can do and be right. No win. So **** that and **** all yall Im done with it. Ill take my insight where its actually comprehended and appreciated.
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    Yes - voted you low originally because of lack of a depth chart. Which is the same reasoning why I voted for the Bears matchup 1 and was decided well before learning of your rankings. But again, **** logic right. Voted against you in whopping 2 matchups. 2nd was a truly massive disadvantage in front play that would influence numbers - thats the blueprint for beating you.

    My issue with your ranking of my team and your sheepish fantasy football lineup just coincided as far as timing and seemingly made it seem to you like I was out to get you. I always doubted your motives too but didn't make a pathetic spectacle of it. Instead my retaliation was to try to debate the football of it (which you ducked) while you turned it into a show about me trying to bring you dow in an attempt to save face because you feared the impact my opinions can have on others. **** that political ******** and personal drama. I have no respect for it.
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    You were getting that spiel of depth vs the Bears whether you voted for or against me and I would've continued to vote against you if you were too arrogant to fix it because I genuinely believe in its purpose and value. To expect my voting perspective to align with the voting perspective you anticipate from the masses is asinine. SF is the toughest matchup for you stylistically in the playoffs except maybe NE... really think they'd win - too much of an advantage up front..think NE probably beats you too but havent put that much thought into an invalid matchup. Thats how you stop an offense/QB like rodgers/GB. There's nothing I can do to prove the validity of my intentions but I just don't care to deal with that level of immaturity anymore and being unable to contribute to the most cerebral aspect of the game because everything I do is supposedly biased or with other intentions
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    Well you're 10000% wrong. I took massive issue with where you ranked me, but I didn't hold it against you or your team. I started attacking you and the motives of your reasoning after seeing your message on Supers wall saying you left me out bc I got arrogant and you knew I'd get stopped in the main (though I always questioned them considering your team was like my teams anti-christ... the complete opposite philosophically and the worse my team looks the better yours looked). I genuinely question your brain functionality putting the Raiders ahead of the Jets... but that had no impact on my opinion of you or your team. Again, I ranked you 5th before you ever posted your voting. If I was attacking your team BECAUSE of your rankings, my rankings submitted prior to seeing them would have you ranked above 5th, no? Of course they would. But **** logic right? Whos got time for that.
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    No ****? Obviously I'm mad, I've been mad. I am not mad over the game or its results. I have grown mad at the pathetic **** I've had to deal with throughout voting. Nothing to do with my team. One again, **** yourself. I don't get how you think you can continually attack both my integrity in voting and the depth of presented perspectives throughout these playoffs and think I wouldn't take issue with it. Would've been the same thing from you if I voted for Indy in the SB. It's childish and I'm done with it. Continually attack the most thorough and well reasoned perspective presented by anyone in these matchups and then ask me for my input elsewhere? Uh wtf no. I'm really past mad at this point. Not mad anymore, just done. Everything is personal with you childish ******s. All I want is football, all I get is drama. Aint got time.
  9. nah just moving back to chicago got busy as **** for a while spent a week in haiti new job, new hot broads everywhere, more things to do just not enough time for everything oh and the bears depressing me
  10. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it.

    Sean is angry.....

    Homie sucks
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