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    Not to be a creeper or anything but I saw you went to UAlbany in the Giants forum and I'm currently attending. What did you end up graduating with?
  2. hahah that was great
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    You will like it.
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    It is an amazing book really. He is an admitted progressive but he lays out his argument in a great way. He quotes Theodore Roosevelt quite frequently. I was shocked when i saw the statistic that roughly 280 out of the 300 cases involving the 14th Amendment to go before the SCOTUS have involved not black people but corporations. He brought up an argument that two influential authors behind the scenes of the 14th Amendment actually left the wording in the 14th Amendment open so artificial persons could be worked in later.
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    Hmm, that sounds like an interesting read. I feel like i could sacrifice one person to save 100 or 1000 regardless of race, but then again i have never been put in that situation. I think it is just as easy to say i could beat up Ali in his prime without every having done it.

    I breezed through about 200 pages of my book on the plane ride home from vacation. Now i have less than 100 to go. It is a long book, but it is written in extremely easy to read langauge, no legalese.
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    I made this comment on Fox New's website replying to a guy complaining about "CommieCare", i wonder if the site moderators will allow it to be added?

    Thanks to CommieCare you can now by insurance from any other state that your state's commissioner negotiates with. State's right victory in CommieCare.

    You now cant be denied care if you have a pre-existing conditions (you know like diabetes or rape - i suggest you google "pre existing condition rape").

    You now cant have your coverage capped if you "cost the insurance company too much".

    Your state can apply for waivers to attempt to come up with a better plan, they miserably have dropped the ball on this for decades. So far Vermont is the only state with the balls to dry. They are going single payer, what is your state doing? Besides being the worst state in insurance, private or public. (Source -

    Also CommieCare comes with tort reform, even though you were lied to by the "most trusted name in news" about that.

    It is important to note that when this plan was passed it is a private insurance solution. The only public aspect of it is to increase the Medicaid eligibility and reforms to Medicare. In fact, you can see that, in large part do to CommieCare, the US has decreased its total debt (off its previous track) by 200% or $30,000,000,000,000 (30 trillion if i did that wrong). Business Insider shows a Morgan Stanley chart outlining the US's total debt (public - 14.7 trillion / intragovernment or SS - don't know / unfunded liabilities or Medicare or Medicaid - estimated number) was on track under Bush to go to 450% of GDP or 63 trollion dollars but based on Obama's law passages it has been reduced and the total debt is expected to continue to come down.

    Go CommieCare, i guess i should say.
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    It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach.

    Awesome FDR quote.
    Funny....every time I hear the deniers shout about handful of scientists who support the opposition, this is the stuff I think of...
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    It is a damn shame he isnt here today. He would have had a field day with the Tennessee bill that makes it illegal to send disturbing photos. Combine that with Weiner and you have a winner.
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