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    no problem man. it just pains me to see someone care so much for a team and not be able to watch them when everybody else does. plus no monthly fee
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    this is what you need. tv for you computer
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    There is a GT in the Saints forum, i dont know if you want to make it differently so i wont put it in your forum. I try to respect individual TMs rights to construct it how they wish.
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    I think you are right on with Dorin Dickerson. I know you have already predicted he will be a very good football player. That would be cool, I am assuming he for sure makes the team
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    How about a little OD? I think he is due for a bounceback year
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    You are going to have to change your sig now man haha. Sucks, I liked Vonta
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    Dude, thanks so much. I am going to tuck that away so when the season starts, I can start applying the basics you gave me to what I am watching. I am a visual learner, so I will pick it up quickly.

    I may bug you throughout the season if I have any technical questions if that is cool with you man.

    If you are ever interested in basketball (I know, I know haha, I have never seen you on the NBA boards), I am your man.

    Thanks again

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    no problem
  9. laymans terms, we're going to start with the offensive line and explain the gabs first. LT LG C RG RT. outside of the tackles are the "C" gaps, outside the guards are the "B" gaps, outside the center are the "A" gaps so it looks like c LT b LG a C a RG b RT c. this is important because the defensive lines first priority is gap control against the run, if they don't do this they fail.
    Defense also labels how the line up on the offensive line by technique:
    LT LG C RG RT-d lineman lined up on the outside shoulders of the offensive tackles are 6 technique's, head up with the tackles are 5 techniques, lined up inside shoulders of the tackles are 4 techniques, lined up outside shoulders of the guards are 3 techniques, head up on the guards are 2 techniques, inside shoulders of the guards are 1 techniques and lined up on the center is the nose tackle. in a base defense the nose tackle "shades" to either side of the center based on the strong call.
    (the strong call is based on which side of the offensive line has the tightend, or more players, if the tiight end lines up right or the right side is stacked heavily you call strong right and the nose would line up on the right side of the center.)

    Next positions for the 4-3 defense (4 down linemen, 3 linebackers).
    DE DT NT DE-in a base 4-3 the DE's line up in 6 techniques, the defensive tackle (amobi okoye in last years defense) lines up in the 3 technique and the nose (sean cody in last years defense) lines up in the 1 technique. the 3 technique lines up to the side of the strength call, and the 1 lines up on the "weakside".
    WLB, MLB, SLB your linebackers in the 4-3 are the "mike" "will" and "sam" the mike is the middle backer, his main job is to stop the run first, then defend the front middle of the field in case of a pass (inside the tackles, about 10 yards back) your will, weakside backer lines up on the weakside of the formation and is usually your smaller faster linebacker. his responsibility in coverage is often the slot reciever (in a base defense) or the runninback on flare routes (the little dump passes to the rb in madden) and in the runninggame he's often "the finisher" on tackles started by the mike your sam or strong side backers responsibilty in the passing game is to cover the tightend or fullback, whichever they carry (if there's both the strong safety comes down and takes the te and the sam takes the fb). in the running game the sam's job is often to be the blocker buster. he's usually the biggest strongest linebacker and if there's an outside run, he's gotta break that fullback down becasue the corners and safeties aren't gong to be able to.

    that's it's for the 4-3 (and again that's super basic) but before i start the 3-4 i'm going to explain the safeties because they're kind of the same in both.
    the safeties are litterally what their name is. they are the last line of defense, the safety net. the free safety is traditionally free in the backfield roaming to prevent the long pass play and the strong safety is generally close to the line of scrimmage to prevent the long run play. even just by their names, the free safety is the smaller faster more agile guy and the strong is the bigger hitter, capable of taking down runningbacks. the only big difference in safeties between the 3-4 and 4-3 is that generally in the 3-4 the safeties need to both be able to cover the pass well, while the 4-3 usually allows one to be a hitter and one to be a runner.

    okay on to the 3-4.
    d-line in 3-4: the dline in the 3-4 base defense is usually two de's in 5 techniques and a nose takle head up on the center (the 4-3's nose isn't a true nose, while the 3-4's is). generally in the 3-4 the d-line have multiple gap control responsibilities. typically 3-4 d linemen are huge guys strong enough to manhandle the offensive line....the bum phillips style 3-4 (the one wade uses the most and will be using in houston) is more like a 4-3 in that the linemen have a gap assignment, and they shoot that gap they don't have to cover multiple gaps.(further explained at the *)
    Linebackers- i'm only going to explain ed wades style of 3-4 lb's just because it's a bit complex for say the new england style 3-4 lb.
    weakside linebacker-weakside inside linebacker-strongside inside linebacker-strongside linbacker-will, willy mike, sammy mike, sam. (what my college called em, don't know if that's typical) from what i understand our linebackers will be-
    demeco-willy mike
    cushing-sammy mike
    barwins primary responsibilities will be the outside run first, running back flares second, and outside the box zone on obvious passing plays when the back doesn't flare out
    demeco will be the primary inside run stopper with cushing being the primary inside run blocker eleminator. basically look for demeco to pile up the tackles while cush does all the dirty work.
    reed will pretty much be blitzing every play. eventually the 4th blitzer will be unpredictable between reed and barwin or cush and it'll really make us even more dangerous...

    with the group we have right now, if our secondary can play tighter (and they definitely will, our biggest problem last season was our scheme, not playing talent) then i look for us to be among the league leaders in sacks.

    *the now traditional 3-4 has the defensive ends with responsibilies for the c and b gaps on their sides while the nose is responsible for the two a gaps, where the wade defense allows the guys to pick one gap and shoot it hard. it's a defense designed to get penetration on the qb because he always brings one linebacker, and that'll switch between reed and barwin the most i'm assumng. i'm thinking when he blitzes cushing it'll be in addition to one of them...nice .
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    basically, if its cool with you, I am just trying to understand the technical side of football better. I understand the game, but what is the difference between a 4-3, and a 3-4, in its functionality. Basically, what is the goal of each? What is a FS versus a SS?
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