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    Ahhhh, feels great to be right
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    Lmao!! Man those things are addictive as hell man. Dip them in some honey mustard sauce and I can eat about 50 of them. Lol
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    For some reason when I replied to that last message it put all of the messages together. Kinda weird. But my last reply is the last paragraph at the bottom.
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    14/21, one touchdown, 0 interceptions. A HELL of alot better then Cutler on a better team. What did you expect him to do? Throw 40 times and take carries away from AD? He did exactly what he needed to do.
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    Well one game is done, and so far my predictions about Cutler that were so idiotic last month are looking pretty good.
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    I am so not one to complain about someone committed to their home teams. I am as die hard as they get and I appreciate and respect that the chance of having a QB that could possibly make that difference is so important but if you could just send him a message or something to say lay off it would be so much appreciated. The last thing I want to do is go around PSD thinking that I can't say what I think without someone ripping me apart for it is just really bothersome. I have my opinions about what happened and all of you do too. There is nothing wrong with that but it is getting really old having to defend myslef whenever I make my thought known from my point of view.

    Seriously, there was no other two people more at eachother than you and I when this all started but I so understand where you are coming from and you understand the same. If cambo made a post about how good Cutler is I would not follow up with a post to call him out and that is all I am expecting from the guy. Anything you could do would be appreciated as I am sick and tired of this defending my Cutler stance stuff.

    So, let's chat after the gane Sunday.
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    Hey DB. Whats up? Thanks for being cool lately and not bickering with me. I definitely have seen a new approach to your posts. It has not gone un noticed. Regardless of the philosophical differences we have had we have been able to keep it cool and civilized lately. So I am asking you if there is any way to keep this cambo guy under control. He is really way off base. I can't respond to a Marshall thread without this guy attacking me and insulting me. Every time I even whisper the word Cutler he is all over me. So, do you know this guy or is he just a Bears fan on PSD. I am getting pretty sick of his ****. All of us have been over this Cutler stuff 1000 times and most of us have come to a gentlemen's agreement but he just won't let it drop. Any advice?
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    Yeah! That redskins fan was having a temper tantrum. Lol
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I will sig bet you that the Bears will not have 2 1,000 yard recivers.


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