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  1. Bro what are you not grasping about the fact that I voted you 5th in the playoffs BEFORE you didn't vote me into the playoffs. That was entirely due to the reasons that I mentioned in the thread. I didn't have anything to say about your team because I cared more about the debates involving my team. Had I started talking about your team then, it would be the same old bitter retaliation story that you guys all love... its cute.
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    Lol, just calling it like I see it.

    You didn't have much to say about my team til I didn't vote you in to the playoffs

    I'm hardly mad, I doubt I even win this. Just funny how things turned once you and I had a disagreement.
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    A. I guess I pandered to the masses and not the most nitpicky voters?
    B. Homestar was right though
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    I updated my DC, btw. After I got off work I did it quick.
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    But everyone knows I actually have those players, hence I was not DQd.

    Nor does anyone care if my K/P are Crosby and Jones or Dave Smith and Don Nelson. Which is why it's a totally pointless complaint.

    The funniest part was that xnick followed you guys. Poor lil guy. Not that he'd ever vote for me

    Anyways, I've listed my depth chart this way before. And I do it on purpose. This is PSD, nobody even knows who guys like Sam Barrington are but people in this game, and not even all of them do. It just becomes clutter, nothing more.
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    I snooped on your wall to check to see when you ran to Westy for backup and FYI, I asked you for Demarrio Davis in the chatzy on multiple occasions.

    Just sayin.
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    You're otc
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    Yeah I've heard nothing but speculation as far as Fitz starting. I think the Jets are in a win-now mode, and Fitz had a better statistical year last year (albeit much better team) so I wouldn't be surprised if Bowles started with Fitz and went to Geno if the season was lost. I don't think they draft Mariota at all with still more holes to fill. If Geno even gets close to outplaying Fitz in training camp/preseason then they have to go with him.
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    That's surprising. I feel like there's enough Jets' fans around to pump up Demario Davis' value. I mean, they did the same for Wilkerson when he was an unknown. Agreed on the 53 spots, I'm always for voting for more roster spots with Re-Drafts just to give some flexibility on defense. It's silly for teams to go into the playoffs without a DL rotation or 3-4 CBs IMO because they have to be deep IRL or you'd get exposed, plus on offense it's nice to get creative with multiple HBs, WRs, and TEs if you had the roster spots available. And lol the Seahawks GM (I'm guessing) really wanted Mo, but I really do like Gilmore.
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    Yeah the fact that you were able to build that team without having to give up pieces like Demario Davis or Sheldon Richardson was pretty crazy to me, kinda like what Homie did. All I could think of was somebody must have given up bank for Muhammed Wilkerson and your first. Maybe you tricked someone into dealing for your 2016 first too? lol. Idk if I said it earlier but the fun in these games is the process of building and drafting. I'm not big into mocks but I really love re-drafts for that reason. No one really cares about the winner besides the winner themselves in these games, anyways.

    I really think Geno in the Gailey's system has a lot of potential. I mean ****ing Manuel looked somewhat solid early in the '13 season before getting banged up, and Geno actually has some accuracy. I just feel like there's no way a competent seeming coach in Bowles plans to go into the season with Fitzpatrick as the starter, let alone for the full 16 games.
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