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    Javier is a funny name.
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    uh...I dunno...
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    I dont know if i still have the paper or not (unlikely) but my basic premise was that cable companies have two types of monopoly in their business, coercive and natural.

    Coercive is the type where they go to the government and get a contract to be the only service in the area. If you try to set up shop and run your own then you can be sued for competing (god forbid).

    Natural is where the company has such a huge initial cost to do business that they can never make their money back when there is already a firm which has made (and mostly paid off) their initial investment in running lines, service, etc.

    In this kind of industry both exist and unfortunately feed into one another into creating a horribly situation for everyone except the city/county and the cable company, who profit like mad men.
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    The cable companies work out contracts with the municipalities to earn exclusivity in a city or county. Where i am Comcast has that "right" and my grandparents who live the next town over have Cox Communications. Companies like Verizon are moving in because they are ahead of the law fortunately. But as these companies see the threat they manipulate the legal code. It is sad but it is how they operate. It is easier to buy a county than to earn the right from the customers. In countries like Norway and South Korea companies are forced to share lines, now whether that is the right approach i dont know but it seems to work better than what we have now.
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    If where you are doesnt like you, they will make a deal with the proverbial devil and bring in Comcast or Cox.

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    I dont know how in depth you read the comment i originally made to set this conversation off, but i wrote about the investments made by the government to improve internet access and the most telling graph i saw showed US telecom companies with their advertised speed versus what we pay, and the US companies were all near the bottom, meaning that we pay more and get less than companies in countries such as Norway, South Korea, and other countries.

    As a smaller company you are forced to do good business, i really cant put it any other way. If where you are doesnt like you will make a deal with the proverbial devil and bring in Comcast or Cox.
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    What company do you work for if you dont mind my asking? But Comcast always seems to have some sort of problem and are horribly unaccessible. They have a phone number to call and then you sit on that for a ridiculously long time and then they are useless.
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    We have only had a few power outages.

    As far as the monopolies go, when you dont have an competition at the direct order of the municipality or state then you have no incentive to compete, lower prices, and raise quality. The best example is their customer service, when they make it impossible to get a hold of anyone on the telephone so you can get a person to make a service call you increase the time the service is out and piss off customers. In a real competition model if you do that then the customer can leave you and go to get better service from someone else, like McDonalds and Burger King. But with Comcast your alternative is to go without cable.
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    Thaty may be true, but we dont seem to have power outages in anywhere else. I believe it has something to do with the fact that a cable company is granted a complete monopoly over a certain area and doesnt have to compete to bring their prices down and their quality up. If my only option is Comcast in my area and then Cox Communications in the district over and Verizon in the district on the other side then none of them are going to compete for my business.
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    I would have to check the bill, i dont pay it myself, but i believe our advertised price is about $50 bucks. But with Comcast it goes out way too often and you can never get a hold of anyone. Unfortunately, in my opinion, too many companies do the exact same thing. My real hatred for Comcast is where i work though. I work at a Best Western and our internet service craps out seemingly every week, both for the guests and the system we use to check the guests in. When it craps out we cant check them in and then they want to use the wireless internet and cant.
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