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    This guy is weird.

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    He's only here again bc he went to another site. A site where the mods let them do whatever they wanted to him and he made like 2-3 threads a day and they hated him 400x worse than here so he got CRAZY attention, he was in heaven. Then abunch of us just went at him constantly until the mods were forced to do something so they took away his thread making priveleges, he just made a new account and tried to talk a bit different but it was obvous, so he got banned all the way there, then poof he';s back here.

    It's funny after his first thread there I just posted "you might as well ban this guy now and save yourself the hassle." Bet they wish they had listened. lol

    I still don't know how he's left other than the fact he generates posts and clicks and that's all that matters now as long as you don't call anyone names or post porn lol
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    hahahaha. He's trying so hard lately to say things that get replies bc all his "remember Bo Gale from GSU?!?!" and **** didn't work for weeks.
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    Don't ever quote it's incoherent old man ramblings again and I'll paypal you money

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    He's a troll. He's lying about his age etc. He has legit mental issues. He hasn't worked in years. He reads and memories stats and numbers then goes out to get attention bc he's some weird shut in.

    I've found where he posts and a guy there legit knows who he is and spilled the beans on his game.

    It's kind of both through. Either way he's a forum cancer like few
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    I found out last night the other site CC had went to banned him from making threads....and he's our problem again........................

    I'm at the point where I'll paypal a mod 50 bucks just to see a perma. IDC anymore.
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    Lol yeah he did that on Twitter. It was 100k I couldn't remember what he bet...
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    That's what I'm saying. If Rodgers did what he just did about Arizona it would NOT reported
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    He didn't let the other team win I heard.

    If he did the things Rodgers does...

    Didn't sign for a cancer survivor. Went on the radio drunk. Always saying dumb stuff on Twitter.

    Ppl pretending they're impartial are so dumb. I like MG but he's definitely catching feelings off him
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    I heard he told a knock knock joke at that thing. What a douche
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