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    Lol. It's so embarassing when you're a huge knight and you go after the archer and he's got this ****ing butter knife and he kills you because he's so fast. I still don't get it. I was getting better when I used to play but I've completely lost it.

    Last night I just got the hatchet and swung endlessly like a mad man from 2 inches away, it really ****s them up when they don't have distance lol, I just keept rying to circle so they can't find me and smash them in the skull. It's such a terrible noob strat.
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    It used to be a Source mod, geez IDK how long ago, maybe 4-5 years and I was quite good IMO and's like wow.

    UT Quake and CS is how I got into it basically. I gotcha, makes sense on the rest.

    But yeah, the learning curve is nuts. STFU and me were in duel mode so just me and him and he makes me look so stupid. He does all this crazy jumping 360 ****. It's like yeah, I just want to stand here and take it rather than even try.

    The good thing is there's Rank 15 and under servers and I'm only at like 8 or or something so that helps to start.
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    What kind of PC games do you generally play BTW?

    I see Insurgency is on sale today, legit if you like realistic FPS. I'm a huge FPS guy but I know most on PSD who are on PC don't play as much FPS :/
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    I played with STFU last night, I got wrecked so hard lol. I'm so bad but it's still damn fun.

    I wish you had been around when I got all those freaking keys. I know a guy who knows a guy, and he gets all these keys from Russia lol, but they work in the US, but it's like sometimes up to 50% off, if not more, even during sales. So I bought like 5 guys. That reminds me, I should go buy the expansion for it just to see if I'm just as terrible.

    If ya ever are looking for something that isn't on sale, LMK sometimes I can get like 10 dollar games for like a dollar lol. I think I got 5 Chiv keys for 12 bucks or something like that.

    Anyway, I added you so it'll alert you that you have a req and you just hit okay is all.

    But yeah, you should get it, I need someone else to noob it up with me.
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    did you get Chivalry?
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    You should add me on steam NormSizedMidget btw
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    He probably was overpaid a bit but our whole pass catching corps is a walking injury so we need someone who we'll know will be there and not disappear with some random injury. As for the drops, UGH. I saw enough drops by Brady's receivers last year to last a lifetime. I don't need to see anymore lol. I think if we can step in as a #2 on occasion (when our better receivers are injured) but for the most part play the role as a #4, then I'll be happy. Gronk should be the #1 but he'll get injured at some point. Hopefully not miss the playoffs. Edelman the #2, also don't have confidence he'll stay healthy. He'll miss time but between him and Amendola, hopefully we have 1 functional slot. And then I think a lot of us are high on Dobson as the outside receiver and to be that #3 guy (or #2 if Gronk is hurt). We also have Vareen as well. But because all of these guys get injured a lot, it wouldn't surprise me if he's cast into a #2 role a few weeks.
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    Any thoughts on LaFell? At most, he's going to be a #4 pass catcher I would imagine but seeing as all our pass catchers are walking injuries, at some point he's going to have to do something. Have read he stays healthy, which is good for us.
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    Seriously. Don't talk about Kap tot hat guy. He's just baiting us into talking about him because he's totally ****ing obsessed.
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    Give me the rains.
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