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    Crap. I should have banned myself at 100,000

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    Haha. If it's not him, then great. It just seemed like it from Cubs ML+GB forum. Just seemed like the same damn thing. And then the weird usernames he picks that are these obscure TV names, which this is too.

    I feel ya on the messes we leave, lol. Dupes happen so much you just get overly paranoid I guess.

    Also, I got to 100,000 posts and I didn't get my party. What gives?


    Anyways, thanks for looking into it. Cya round
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    (VM was too long, this is the second part of it, the first one is the first part)

    Not busting balls here, and I literally don't care if he's banned this time, since hte last 3 or so, he was nothing but nice (I imagine so he didn't get reported and could stick around) so if he's not baiting (and taking our forum hostage like he did as pooch) bygones can be bygones but I'm pretty confident that's still him. He's just masking.

    I'll let that crap go in the future, dupes just bug the crap out of me. lol They have nothing to lose since they're on throw away accounts ya know? So they'll go hard on everyone and then like gbpackers12 got permad over fighting with poochmgee.

    But yeah, I kind of don't care about that stuff anymore, I was more laughing that it seemed he made ANOTHER one when it's been so dang many.

    And thanks for noticing. I'm trying
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    Haha okay. I just knew I couldn't see where you quoted me, it's a thread I can't access.

    TBH, he might have a new IP or proxy but we went through this with poochmcgee, who lasted almost a year, and it was him too. They all do two things.

    A. Post in GB forum.
    B. Post in Cubs Minor League thread.

    They all tend to have these odd names that are first and last. Pooch McGee, Carter Nash, Maxwell Daly, Boyd Crowder, Max Cherry. There was a couple others I can't remember/find.

    (Not suggesting you do it bc it's a pain in the butt, but if you go look at all those dupes. plus the ones there, you'll all find they post at the same places. GB forum, Cubs Minor League thread (and Cubs forum in general). Vast majority of posts with all of them)
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    I edited that post blank, hopefully it wasn't causing any issues, if it was. I apologize.
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    Did you quote me in the mod forum

    I was totally joking about the admin thing. I was just surprised he made it a hundred posts this time. They'd been finding him fast it seemed like. This has to be his like 15th dupe. Just nuts haha
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    Can I get that stickied when you have the chance?
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    I've just seen ya post stuff about it. Thought maybe it was your deal. Maybe I was wrong

    Haha, dang. That is interesting though, makes ya start to really wonder when ya know someone like that and they hint.
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    Got any recommendations for any UFO type related stuff to watch? I went on Netflix the other day looking but I swear I've seen most all of it that looks decent. I don't care if it's a web stream or anything. I figured you were the guy to ask.,
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    Well thanks. I'll. Cya around
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