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    Haha yea, i wont lie after yesterday i was chuckling a little bit. But i do know that 90% of it is the OL and WRs. But the thing that i would be worried about is the redzone INTs. Neither of those in my opinion were pressure or the WRs. On the last second play with a TO left Cutler should have taken it up the middle. He would have probably gotten in the endzone and very surely made it to within the 1-2 yard line.
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    Im feeling pretty good right now actually.
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    I will say that the caps lock makes it seem like a mad man typed it.
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    Greatest sig ever. Both image and text.
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    Very conservative.
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    I think it's because I feel overwhelmed. I have very strong opinions, but I don't want to come off as uneducated because I just don't know a lot about the political realm.
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    I think 2012 is still going to be a really tough GOP year. There's just no real leadership. And, even though I know you love Ryan in Wisconsin, he's not going to get past Russ Reingold. In order for Ryan to make any national noise (not just to those that pay attention) he's going to have to attain either the governorship or the Senate. Only one of those is a possibility.

    I know people love to chastise Howard Dean -- but he really changed the whole leadership structure at the DNC. That's stuff that just doesn't show up to the public eye. You actually need to be involved in the actual party itself in order to understand. But, the top-down organization that exists now along with the heavy focus on tech (something that Dean was very utilitarian of in the '04 lead-up) is what's going to keep the Dems organized.

    The GOP just doesn't have that make up yet. When guys like Chuck Grassley and John McCain are twittering ... n uzng txt lngo tht no prsn cn rlly undrstd ... it really sets things back. Because your "leadership" is already developing habits that they won't be able to break. That ... and Michael Steele is a joke.

    As far as McCain being competitive in certain areas ... I'm not sure I buy it from the aspect you're selling it. Obama's team was spread so far and opening up areas that had been really "forbidden" before. I mean, nobody thought he was going to take Indiana, North Carolina was a long shot, we knew Colorado and NM would flip but we didn't necessarily know to what extent ... I mean hell -- things were closer in Georgia than they've been in quite awhile (for a Dem). I think it was a pretty resounding result for a bitterly divided country. You have about 40% on each side that is strictly going to vote for "their" candidate.

    Ron Paul is your version of Ralph Nader. It happens.
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    Yea, I loved John Edwards. People didn't get a chance to see it, but he could speak to, and inspire, a town hall sized crowd. He would have taken the John McCain "town hall" challenge and absolutely destroyed him with it.

    I didn't necessarily agree with him 100% -- who do you agree with that much though, honestly. We definitely differed on things like unions but I loved his health plan and his pragmatism. He really just wanted to get things done, regardless of who had the best idea.

    I don't know if his career is "over" per se. It has definitely taken a detour, but I think that in 10 years or so he'll be back out in front of the public. He's not a candidate for the White House anymore, but he'll get something done; maybe back in the Senate.

    I wouldn't mind Harry Reid going away, that's for sure. Get involved -- it's the best thing you can do.
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    I was actually pretty sore when the Obama campaign came in and took over. I'm over it now ... but it was a rough transition period.
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    No, nothing that PHX surprises me anymore. As a liberal, I whole-heartedly apologize for the shizz that comes out of his mouth (er ... fingers).

    I actually didn't explicitly work on the Obama campaign. I set up the ground work for the state coordinated beforehand (lowest ticket candidates all the way up to the presidential candidate) -- meetings, hiring, mapping, tracking, etc ... then when the Obama campaign came in and took over I jumped to a state House campaign that was struggling. I stayed involved in an advisory capacity with some of the out-of-stater's that were in along with some of the unions and state activists to liaise -- but toward the election itself I didn't stay in touch because they didn't endorse my candidate.

    Before that, I worked for John Edwards from '03 - '07. In '04 that merged into the Kerry~Edwards campaign. I also did some '06 mid-term work for a current US House Rep.

    In 2002, I worked for a moderate Republican House Rep's re-election campaign in Iowa.

    2000 was my first paid staffer position -- Gore~Lieberman. '98 was my senior year of HS, so I was wrapped up. And I volunteered for Clinton '96.
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