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    What the hell happened in that Matthews thread lolol
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    So I see you're in to pirating? I'm big on that as well. Stream from various apps on my Android phone (Movie HD, One Box, Megabox HD, Kodi, etc.) and then use Local Cast as a middleman to shoot it to my Chromecast.

    Def down to share methods whenever since these kind of things seem to shut down and then reappear under different names from time to time. Movie HD has been the one I've liked and stuck with the longest.
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    Haha. No problem.
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    I used irc and Usenet a lot way back then. Then torrents. Anything I would watch is on the mainstream pirate android apps is my feel and they are all pretty slick.

    I don't torrent a ton either these days but for no good reason lol
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    Kod is so ****ing slow for me to get streaming video go, when it aggregates all the video links, the other android apps I use, like Showbox, I'm already playing before that gets done. And Showbox keeps track of what I've watched. As a guy who's pirated everything, since forever, games, movies, music, modded cable boxes, sat keyroll boxes, modded consoles, going back long before ppl even heard of Napster and **** like that, I find it to be insanely overrated. Maybe I'm nuts.

    Soop thinks I'm a douche bag bc I'm not fascinated by it, maybe I've just been around high levels of piracy my entire life so I just don't think it's the wonder of the world to those who never saw anything like it before lol
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    It didn't take me any time at all to figure out and I wanted to know anyways.

    Now if only AceStream could chromecast (what I use for the best streams that NEVER go down) I would be set.
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    Okay I think I got VLC working. I can't check 100% bc GF is watching some terrible show. need a "nightly" version, AKA test beta stuff. The one I had, no option, got that...there's the line for renderer. Then I hit scan, my living room Chromecast comes up. My other one is TV powered and I don't have it on ATM but I will check when I get a chance.

    This is the link I used for my VLC download.

    Here's what I followed basically.

    That SHOULD work. I would guess when you went to Video, you didn't see a Renderer option just like me with the default one.
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    Interesting on VLC. I need to look into that.

    Try that extension. Should work. I'll look into the other thing since I would love to use that.
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    This is what I was talking about.

    I still don't think vlc can but maybe it's updated lately. I wish it could. I get some amazing NFL streams that use it but when I cast my whole screen they lag like **** and go like 10fps lol
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    VLC doesn't cast as far as I know without doing full screen cast. Which is TYPICALLY fine if you don't need to use the PC at the same time. But sometimes it has performance issues. Specifically with high quality files. There are probably apps on PC that do it now? I hardly ever PC cast but I can look into it.

    Chances at good I'll be dipped in liquor tonight. Tomorrow would work better..depends what the old lady plans on doing since it's here weekend off. But yeah we can chatzy and figure it out.

    There's a chrome extension that I believe uses the same codecs and crap as VLC. You open it in chrome, browse to the video and it throws it right to your Chromecast. I haven't used it in ages and I'd have to be looking at my pc to know the name. I'd bet that's your best bet.
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