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Conversation Between Hawkize31 and 1-800-STFU

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  1. If you want to make any changes to your redraft clubhouse do so soon, playoffs starting tomorrow
  2. You be up
  3. I will update my clubhouse this weekend. My pc broke and it's really difficult to do on an iPad.
  4. You're up, but I cant let ya pick till you get the clubby updated.
  5. Just a friendly heads up, if your clubhouse isn't fully updated by your pick in the 6th round I'm not letting people pick. This is going for everyone

  6. UR up
  7. u up
  8. Ur up again
  9. VG redraft started, no clock till noon saturday, just a heads up
  10. Check in here for VG redraft -

    Draft probably starts tomorrow
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