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Conversation Between Trace and Byronicle

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  1. Thanks for the response Trace. I need to aim for PR's, I feel unmotivated these days and I am not seeing much improvement
  2. Thanks, I don't plan on stay very long. Just wanted to discuss the NCAA finals. Maybe I'll be more active when something major happens this offseason. I'll be here on lottery/draft night.

    I don't superset very often because I only do it if I feel I'm plateauing. Since I'm really busy and miss out on a lot of workouts, that doesn't happen very often. And by supersetting, I really do just mean pullups till failure+deadlifts or Squats+Lunges. I mostly do compound supersets.

    I'm mostly just powerlifting right now because I think I've outgrown my bodybuilding phase and I just want to workout for conditioning while maintaining my size.

    What I would suggest is if you're plateauing and deloading doesn't work then I'll add supersets and see if it helps at all. Don't be too concerned with volume or size, just concentrate on setting new PRs every time you enter the gym. I think when I realized that, that's when my workouts became more effective. Hope this helps.
  3. hey Trace nice to see you back. I have a question, what do you think about workouts focus on full body and superset those with iso exercises? or should i just stick to compounds?
  4. Nope, not even close. A couple of my friends are though.
  5. are you a vegetarian or something?
  6. Yup, had them at a vegetarian restaurant. They're not that bad.
  7. you heard of kale chips?
  8. it all comes down to people seeing the big picture and make careful observation instead of falling in love with highlights
  9. I am glad we're on the same page lol where were you like midseason, all the unjustified hate and ignorance was being spewed all over the forum (even though it was expected to be a crap year). I am disappointed in Bargnani's defense as well but clearly its because Raptors really dropped the ball on his development and for some reason the haters do not want to acknowledge that
  10. I think he was a good albeit safe pick by BC but I don't think he deserves the the bust label many fans place on him. Bargnani hasn't disappointed me in terms of what BC envisioned in terms of offense (although he could use better shot selection) but his mentality in the other end has been quite disappointing to say the least. Maybe Dwane can bring it out of him?
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