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Conversation Between 5+7=DYNASTY!!! and Zaunnie

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  1. yeah that was bs. damn we should have combined our two teams...that woulda stirred the pot
  2. It's all in good fun man. Neither of us are gonna win anyway because two GMs handed the Phillies two aces lol.
  3. I hope you don't take any comments I make towards the Mets personally. I think we both have great teams and that its a shame one of us has to get knocked off.
  4. I won't but if I get a really good offer soon I will give you a chance to counter
  5. haha of course. i'll have to get back to you in a day or two. don't go making any moves now
  6. The division rival thing goes both ways I'm not exactly dealing prospects here. And the difference in contracts is not that much to begin with anyway only 7
  7. i'd probably be looking for enough so that the difference in contracts doesn't destroy my cap. and since you're a division rival it might cost a bit extra
  8. ok how much money are you looking for? I'm not really looking to give away more than 4/5 million
  9. I might still be interested in Beltran but it really depends on how much money I get back in return and maybe a bit more.
  10. pm sent
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