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Conversation Between 5+7=DYNASTY!!! and Knuckles

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  1. How do you feel about Sizemore?
  2. Ok
  3. Lets do the Soxx trade for Garcia, Rays arent gonna top
  4. Any of these guys you wanna add to the active roster? Miller?
  5. Put in an offer for Soler...5/30
  6. I guess the trade went thru? I didn't send it in but its still a good deal, I was trying to wait for u. It's that last offer I sent you. Here's our cap numbers btw, update it in the clubhouse when u get a shot
    Payroll: 49, 880,000
    Cap Available: 18, 120,000
  7. not a fan of the cahill offers, balfour is a toss up i'll leave it up to you. Is Brandon Belt still being offered? And honestly if I'm holding up any deals you like go right ahead and do them no need to wait
  8. Offer from cubs for Cahill. Cashner, Castillo, Chen, Kirk
  9. Check my wall got an offer from SF. Including Belt for Gio
  10. Would you do Frazier and boxberger from reds for Anderson? Would allow us to deal bailey for a nice package.
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