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Conversation Between 5+7=DYNASTY!!! and kyubi256

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  1. You were definitely a lot of help. Wasn't like the other Mock but I understand. I was very busy with my sophomore year of college...

    I thought we built a very good team for now and for the future, but people don't feel the same... It's okay
  2. I'm sorry my man I was no help to you at all I was just so busy first year of college and stuff I just really wanna say sorry.
  3. Well looks like we are going to miss the playoffs, sucks
  4. whats did you propose for felix hernandez?
  5. He wants a MLB SP in return... which is the hold up. He wants to get one first so he can afford to deal Marcum
  6. get marcum done
  7. We can do Brandon Belt + Jordan Walden for Shaun Marcum to get another SP if we needed...
  8. reply to my pm. They aren't panicked moves... they are just moves to use salary but get a good player in return.

    A player that vastly improves our offense
  9. i cannot believe we lost out on every freakin FA...not time to panic yet
  10. Or we can get Raul Ibanez and lose 11.1M
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