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Conversation Between Rylinkus and Yankee Clipper

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  1. Tomorrow night might be tough. I am debating the Os game vs the UFC event. UFC probabaly wins, tho Ill be on the forum. I'm not missing the playoffs for anything.
  2. Come back for the playoffs
  3. Ill get it up after work tomorrow.
  4. Next game thread is all yours if you want it.
  5. Middle school e-drama ftw!!!
  6. So is everyone in the forum like 16?
  7. Not a sig. He simply pasted a sig in his post. Gone the next post
  8. I'm really confused. Yeah he must be he just made a sig with only 2 posts.
  9. Clearly a bot or some type of spam or have I drank too much?
  10. Are you referring to the new guy?
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