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Conversation Between Rylinkus and BranWingss

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  1. Completely agree. If Renzo Gracie comes back, they should make a Bocek fight happen. He's fantastic on the mat. I thought he beat Jim Miller..
  2. That one was all me I'd love that fight. Bocek is insanely underrated. I'd love to see those dudes on the mat for 15.
  3. You actually have no idea how bad I want to see a Bocek/Aoki fight.
  4. Your match-up will likely be up tomorrow around noon-ish. You'll be taking on shaiza. Good luck! Put your argument in that (if you'd like him) tomorrow around that time
  5. Not a problem. This redraft really doesn't take too much time at all. This whole process is pretty quick, much quicker than the other games. It looks like you'll hit the Final 4.
  6. Thanks man. Sorry I've been MIA. Laptop issues, internet issues. Frankly this blows.
  7. Your match-up is now up. Good luck
  8. youre up
  9. up
  10. Here's my list for after you pick:

    John Hathaway, WW
    Tarec Saffiedine, WW
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