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Conversation Between Rylinkus and Faneik

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  1. Gimme a few to look. You got any thoughts?
  2. it's us. last 2 fighters. any thoughts?
  3. tibau was taken, i replaced him with danzig
  4. Looks like we're up. Any thoughts?
  5. we're up
  6. we need a shortlist of 4 guys again. let me know via pm
  7. it's us. already picked Mir @40. It's us again @41. Check your pm's.
  8. email me

    That work?
  9. hey. i haven't pm'ed you earlier, because I can't reply via pm. the page doesn't load 100% for some reason.
  10. hey. we're near from our turn @mma-redraft. do you start PM'ing some names?
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