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Conversation Between rhino17 and Whomewhome

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  1. Hey do you want to join any of these leagues down?
  2. Hey it's more then just people. I am more into money leagues these days, and have a few going on. I can't possibly commish more then 2 leagues and I have 3 as it is, 4 with this one. So I am very reluctant. You are more then welcome to join the 16 man Yahoo league it's free, I am commishing that one. Also have a keeper league going that's worth a bit of money
  3. I see that, too bad. Are you sure we couldn't get a couple more people? The draft wasn't for a while.
  4. Hey man..sorry bout having to delete the fantasy football league.
  5. It's Jad. Ala. kiddnets2004..whatever you want to call me...hope all is well man.
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