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Conversation Between TheLegend and croce_99

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  1. I didn't think it was a big deal. I just deleted it since it didn't have much to do with the topic. If I didn't delete it, then he would have quoted you...then you would have quoted him, etc.
    Again, not a big deal. You aren't banned
  2. So the guy reported my comment of me saying "I don't care if he report me"? But that was in response to him saying "he would report me", I was just saying "I don't care" basically. Sounds like he's doing whatever he can to get me ban.
  3. When posts are reported, I rarely read the entire thread. I'll delete the post that is in question, then go down the page to see if someone quoted that post.
    I deleted it, but next time it's easier if you report the post you want deleted.
  4. You deleted my post, which is fine. But if you delete my post about me 'not caring if someone reports one of my post', then you should also delete the post of the individual claiming that he "reported one of my post", since that was "off topic" as well. Wouldn't that be fair? especially since my quote was only in response to that individual. Be fair and consistent as a mod.

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