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Conversation Between SteBO and mttwlsn16

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  1. sent
  2. dude a TON of us got those PMs, and he just made another account and send one about being sexy or some crap...
  3. PM me the PM's you got and I'll fix the problem.
  4. u been on PSD for 4 months, how did you already get mod status, or the ability to give infractions/delete thread, etc. so quickly?
    ****ing jealous ha
  5. its not even serious though, its all in fun. my bad dude
  6. Why should heat fans have to deal with the trolling and baiting/insults in their own forum. It causes trouble every single time. I'm not sensitive at all about the loss, it happens. I actually think it was good for our team. Unfortunately, not everyone else is as levelheaded as I am, and your post was going to start a flame war in the forum simply because of the sensitivity of other heat fans, as you already know. Don't take it personal. No need to tell me I'm acting like a 15 year old, just because I'm deleting posts that you think you should stay. It doesn't work like that man. You don't have to agree, but be respectful and leave it at that. You aren't upsetting me at all, but it just had to be done.

  7. not trying to piss u off right now so dont take it that way, but why are you SO sensitive about your precious heat? ppl come into our clippers forum and troll all the time and guess what- we dont care. its an online sports chat website, not life lol.
    be happy your team has mods, the best we have is a TM

    but tone it down.
  8. ya he does a real nice job. monster game by wade last night
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