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Conversation Between SteBO and xxplayerxx23

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  1. I mean I know Melo has his faults but Hump lol a solid role player and now Redd was as good as Melo
  2. I mean, Kris Humphries??!! REALLY? Never heard anything as ridiculous as that.
  3. Im so sorry for you and all the heat fans that have to deal with that guy
  4. Yeah, Miami is still the team to beat rightfully so, but I love the Knicks offseason. I just hope Felton can come in shape, there is no excuse, melo and amare have to step up. If we get elimanted in the 1st round again I might lose it lol. If melo and amare mesh I think will be a tough out, I expect a 25+ on 46%+ shooting from Melo. The window is closing for them though sadly
  5. I know you're being sarcastic , but I like the moves the Knicks made this offseason. They've surrounded 'Melo and Amare with defensive minded players along with some toughness. They should be a top 4 team in the east, and should at least advance past the first round this coming year. No excuses, barring major injury of course.
  6. Oh so you should be in the NBA forum more often, Btw Knicks>Heat for next year lol
  7. Messed up computer. I've been relying heavily on the app, but that hadn't worked out great. I just got a new computer last weekend.....
  8. Thats good , Havent seen you around much how you been?
  9. Yes. I. Did. lol Thanks!
  10. So you got promoted I see :P
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