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Conversation Between SteBO and Avenged

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  1. Hah. I see you guys can't handle the NBA forum so I had to come back
  2. You missed being the same color as me didn't you?
  3. Can you clean up the Lakers forum? too many mike brown fired threads
  4. Thanks man. But everything is good
  5. Hope everything is going alright with you bro.
  6. Some of you guys, including yourself, have admitted to Dwight acting the fool. The fan base is huge on here, so the arrogance & cluelessness from some is to be expected.

    Yeah, you guys have no one to put in front of them, but then again, you have Dwight and Pau. Bosh-Pau is nearly a wash, but you could gain an advantage there if Pau stops playing like a pansy. And I can't forget about Nash.
  7. Haha yeah. A lot of us are just excited to be a top contender again. I mean he's on the Lakers now, we aren't going to bash him when everything is still soaking in. A lot of us, still don't agree with how Dwight went about it but that's over and done with. And after watching his press conference last night, it's hard not to like the guy when he's on your team

    Heat versus Lakers..

    Still worried about Bron and Wade though.. We have nobody to put infront of them.
  8. It's because it's the Lakers . Let's face it, you guys outsmart the league a ton and it pisses people off. Not only that, but your fan base has gotten under the skin of many lol. Oh well, it is what it is. I hate how Dwight handled it, and I hate how Laker fans have all of sudden made a complete 180 on him, and after crucifying LeBron for something much less.

    Oh well, who cares at this point. I just wanna see Heat v. Lakers and hopefully Dwight will be himself when that game comes around.
  9. I could have sworn you sent me something about Dwight.. lol

    why is everyone so mad? :cry:
  10. Hah well the GT's aren't really a drag to do. The spam and porn we've gotten though is beyond ridiculous.
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