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Conversation Between SteBO and avrpatsfan

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  1. Your sig is my favorite of all time. Such a great reference, even though I hate that Ray is on the Heat now
  2. Yeah the NBA forum is really brutal. There can't be a thread about Wade/Lebron/Bosh/Rose without it becoming an off topic bashing thread.
  3. Hehe. Don't worry about it. I knew exactly where you were going with it, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. The problem was dbroncos started deleting off-topic posts, and others started moaning about him not allowing conversation, only taking the thread more off-topic.

    It's all good. I wish LeBron would be more careful though. He should know everyone will scrutinize him for even the smallest slip-up.
  4. Sorry about the thread, I thought it would create discussion about how careful public figures have to be with their words. I guess that's really not possible in the NBA forum.
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