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Conversation Between SteBO and sargon21

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  1. Yeah, the playoffs will be an interesting time that's for sure lol, could go either way I think, I'm hoping both fan bases will gain respect for each other if it's a close fought battle... But, yeah I guess there's no real way to stop that kind of stuff from happening, but it sure does get annoying.
  2. You have an excellent point there. The snarky posts should stop. Sometimes, enough is enough already and he has pissed off some other posters. I could say something, bt it would just continue unfortunately. Good thing we have some good posters here like yourself to at least try to smooth things over when things get chaotic. Should be an exciiting year, and hopefully when the playoffs get underway, there will be some more civil discussions regarding the games than just pettiness.
  3. Hmm alright. Yeah, regarding Rose, I pretty much just let his game do the talking now. It just seems like the guy somewhat starts a lot of ****. For example, during the Mia/Nyk game there was actually some good talk going on. But as soon as the game was over, haters from both teams came in, and in some instances it would seem like "Jonathan" would hate on every little remark and thing a Bulls fan said, no matter how bad of a poster he knows they are. And it's the little sarcastic remarks that get people the most upset. I think it's a big problem on this site and it would be much more enjoyable if there wasn't soo much of it. Oh well. What do you think?
  4. He's an all right poster. He just gets defensive at times on the NBA forum because of all the Heat hate that goes on in there. You know what the funny thing about that is, I can't really blame them for hating on Miami a bit. We aren't the greatest sports town, LeBron didn't handle FA well at all, and he spoke out of his *** on stage to the public about winning 7, 8, 9 you know the rest. And regarding him and everyone else hating on Rose , listen, just ignore those guys. I'm apparently the only Heat fan on this site that has him as an MVP right now, because of the injuries you guys have had to deal with, and you're still winning games and you currently have the second seed. That's impressive to me and I give major props for it. Fandom can consume anybody on PSD, and Jonathan is just another example of that.
  5. Hey, what's your take on that "Jonathan" poster? I personally feel he's constantly baiting and cares way too much about what posters say and think. I was about to rip into him, but I just want to see what you think, since I respect your opinion.
  6. I like your style bro
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