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Conversation Between SteBO and knicks4life33

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  1. yooooooo i pm a bunc of times whats the deal man last week?
  2. Gotta do what I gotta do......
  3. ok ill start it in the general discussions right now =) and ironically a heat mod closes the thread ?????
  4. You're thread was better suited for General Discussions. Not the NBA forum.
  5. ?
  6. Why did you close my thread? Completely basketball related
  7. he just made a thread about u
  8. Yeah, I got to the forum and missed it initially but went back to make sure my eyes weren't decieving me.
  9. see you got to the thread hawkeye.i reported him quick as i can. cant have these little posters thinking there higher then the mods and have to put a boundry
  10. It's not over yet, but I just got back from the arena, and everyone's going insane. It's a big hurdle we just jumped over, and it's very relieving.
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