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Conversation Between SteBO and Baller1

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  1. Thank you sir.
  2. Done.
  3. Hey man, can you sticky the Player Power Rankings Thread in the OKC forum for me?
  4. Haha, no kidding. This is the exact Finals I've wanted since Lebron went to Miami and Durant becoming a force. It's gonna be awesome.
  5. You as nervous and pumped for these Finals as I am? The wait from now 'til 9:00 PM tomorrow is killing me man.
  6. I've tried to tell people that he has insane potential, but he always gets overlooked. He's quickly become on of my favorite players for sure... Now it's about staying consistent for him.
  7. I gotta say, James Harden has really impressed in these playoffs. He's gowin' up right before our eyes.
  8. Congrats man! Y'all have just become title contenders in half a day. Your frontcourt is ridiculous. Durant-Ibaka-Perk. You guys match up extremely welll with LAL.
  9. 1. I don't know how to make the fancy GT's.
    2. There's just not enough action in there, so it's not even worth making GT threads. I'd just be talking to myself.

    There's 3-4 main posters in there including myself, with me and one other guy being the only consistent ones. It sucks...
  10. I don't see any gamethreads on your teams' forum. Wats up?
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